May 27, 2010

Montgomery County home sales

Aspen Hill area
WOODCREST DR., 14534-S.V. and Matthew J. Buckley to Susan Plano Faber, $403,000.
YELLOWHORN CT., 15608-Amy B. and John F. Greene to Kary B. and Barnett M. Lawrence, $572,000.

Bethesda area
CHELSEA LANE S., 4612-James L. Murray to David B. Lieb and Melinda Claybaugh, $669,000.
CLEARWOOD RD., 6264-M.S. and Key C. Yang to Maria and Djordje Petkoski, $820,000.
CRATHIE LANE, 6202-Paula S. Rothe to Martin Daniel Rojas and Maria Garcia Borreguero, $750,000.
HEMPSTEAD AVE., 8609-Kevin T. Miller to Thomas P. Kevorkian and Ivy R. Brown, $716,000.
HONESTY WAY, 7608-Ann F. Johnson, trustee, to Bapna Manish and Nanda Geeta, $890,000.
KENTBURY DR., 4311-Ruth D. Lewis, trustee, to Karin Shepardson and Sudipto Sarkar, $701,000.
LINDALE DR., 9300-Conlan Contractors to Debra L. and Robert E. Gutman, $1.26 million.
MONTROSE AVE., 10513-Everett Temple Greenstreet to James D. Wray, $239,900.
NAMAKAGAN RD., 5915-Karen Gulick to Kathryn and Joseph Coleman Jr., $625,000.
REDWING RD., 6209-Jan P. Montoya to Howard Lesser and Hanna Gutmann, $687,000.
WESTBARD AVE., 5201, No. 27-Margaret and Gregory V. Powell to Stewart Coke Morgan, $730,000.
WISCASSET RD., 6208-Michael Guerrero to George Spano, $1.1 million.

Boyds area
FABLE DR., 18403-Rahul Balchandani to Lian Chen, $590,000.
POPLAR GLEN CT., 18630, No. 8-Barnsley Corp. to Janice E. Byfield, $145,332.

Burtonsville area
ANGELTON TERR., 14111-Cathy A. Grantham to Anna and Faye Seydou, $276,500.
SADDLE CREEK WAY, 4401-Fremont Investment and Loan to Kitumba Disasi, $380,000.

Calverton-Colesville area
KATHRYN RD., 1012-Lilia O. Garcia to Jose Amaya Sorto, $330,000.
MORNINGSIDE DR., 1308-Nyassom D. Mobit to Shayne Philpotts, $340,000.
SILVER MOON WAY, 13427-Derrick A. Hicks to Michael Tsegai Tewolde and Feven G. Tareke, $349,900.
SNOW CLOUD LANE, 3421-Towns of Dogwood Corp. to Christos Guenet Guebre, $445,000.

Chevy Chase area
BRADLEY BLVD., 4954, No. 254-John J. Killeen to Reaghan H. Bik, $450,000.
FLORIDA ST., 6803-6803 Florida Street Corp. to Jeremie O. Waterman and Rachel Robboy, $1.65 million.
FRIENDSHIP BLVD., 5500, No. 1101N-Sam N. Solovey to Pei Wen Chen, $178,000.
KIRKSIDE DR., 5803-Alan F. Wohlstetter, trustee, to David A. O'Neil and Laura M. Billings, $1.25 million.
LELAND ST., 4330-Mary L. Randour to M.H. Holahan Development Corp., $835,000.
WOODLAWN AVE., 5304-M.R. and Eugene M. Waldron to Jeffrey D'Souza and Carol Grose, $3.5 million.

Clarksburg area
CATAWBA MANOR WAY, 13214-Amy C. and Nicholas E. Speidel to Huan Chee, $408,000.
FAIR GARDEN LANE, 22183-Toll Brothers Homes to Mishelle Dalal, $449,709.
FOREMAN BLVD., 12430-Clarksburg Village Corp. to Shaina B. and Matthew L. Green, $740,705.
KIGGER JACK LANE, 11903-Piedmont Road Corp. to Riyait Charanjit Singh, $765,690.
LITTLE SENECA PKWY., 11911-Beazer Homes to Sachin Shyamlal Lal and Neha Jain, $350,000.
MURPHY GROVE TERR., 12815-Jung Hye Sin to Mirmozaffari Yaseman, $327,500.
ROBIN SONG DR., 23318-NVR Inc. to Christine Dietz, $466,024.
SKYLARK RD., 11709-NVR Inc. to Phu Le, $351,015.
TIMBER CREEK LANE, 23137-Aurora Loan Services Corp. to Gongjie Yin and Yan Zhang, $440,000.
YELLOWWOOD DR., 23137-Hovnanian Homes to Cathy Lynn and Ryan Michael Criste, $420,000.
YELLOWWOOD DR., 23143-Beazer Homes to Benita F. and Sean A. Lester, $494,439.

Cloverly-Ednor area
WOONSOCKETT LANE, 322-Craig Benson to Lana Rajkumar, $314,000.
Damascus area
CUTSAIL DR., 24432-Eduardo Guzman to Kelly M. and Sean C. Byrne, $314,500.
JOHNS DR., 10109-Douglas R. Beavers to Peggy Cramer, $265,000.

Derwood area
BAEDERWOOD LANE, 16920-Charlene L. and S. Cohen to Eugenia Poliakov, $365,000.
OSKALOOSA DR., 7329-L.I. and Thomas W. Hitchcock to Cecilia Hernandez Andersen and Mark Daniel Andersen, $575,000.

Four Corners area
BELTON RD., 406-L.A. and Carl K. Bergmann to David A. Flagg and Cynthia A. Bergmann, $300,000.
CONCERTO LANE, 669-Laura M. and Brett E. Miller to Samuel Anguiano, $335,000.
DENNIS AVE., 816-Jens Steensen, trustee, to John A. Schippers, $390,000.
FOXGLOVE LANE, 11112-Leonard Norman Bebchick to Lisa Marie King and Christopher L. Cull, $380,000.
SHOREY RD., 224-Christopher Mark Keenan to Joshua S. Lehman, $461,000.
UNIVERSITY BLVD. E., 431-Inglesias Paco Corp. to Alexandria M. and Jean Claude Tounkara, $295,000.

Gaithersburg area
CALABAR DR., 17703-Leidy L. Cabrera to Yiting and Gregory A. Lloyd, $310,000.
CHICKADEE LANE, 18603-Gail and Brett Silver to Linda A. and John N. Dotson, $250,900.
DEER PARK LANE, 138-Carlos Castro to Amanda Gonzalez and Cindy Alas, $220,000.
DOGWOOD DR., 206-Fannie Mae to Jorge A. Urgiles, $269,000.
MIDDLE POINT CT., 103-Deutsche Bank, trustee, to Melissa and Gustavo Delgado, $220,000.
TRAVIS VIEW CT., 1374-Charles B. Abban to Cecilia Green, $240,000.
WHETSTONE GLEN ST., 561-Jane Pao Chen and Ping Li Shih to Ya Lin Tao, $288,000.
WHISPERING OAKS WAY, 8201, No. 304-Stellar Rosewood Corp. to Wendy C. Maldonado, $154,900.
WINDBROOKE CIR., 38-Wendy J. Carr to Catherine McArdle, $162,000.

Garrett Park area
KENILWORTH AVE., 11304-D.G. and James E. Williams to Heather and David Thibodeau, $700,000.

Germantown area
ESWORTHY RD., 13701-A.B. and Harvey Mars to David Harrison, $825,000.
FETLOCK DR., 19505-Stanislaus Kimon to Cecilia and Fernando Jimenez Sr., $170,000.
GALLOP TERR., 14119-Andrea L. Rockwell to Shijun Wang and Xiaohong Quan, $333,000.
HICKORY TREE WAY, 12401, No. 722-Samantha and David Edwards to Jie Chen, $94,500.
JAMIESON PL., 13536-N.L. and George V. Poole to Kimberly J. and Jeffrey A. Levine, $355,200.
LONG CHANNEL CIR., 14414-Edmond J. Golden to Yesenia F. and Yamir Diaz, $346,000.
MONARCH VISTA DR., 13723-101 Geneva Corp. to Jeffrey M. Non, $470,000.
SAGE TERR., 12877-Gustavo Zambrano to Nancy Damiano, $172,000.
SHADYSIDE LANE, 13043, No. 11-185-Fannie Mae to Michael L. Harding, $149,000.

Hillandale area
PARHAM PL., 1602-Fremont Investment and Loan to Maria K. and Micheal S. Gomes, $250,100.
11TH AVE., 8628-Tomas M. Rodriguez to Jose Cruz, $150,000.

Kensington area
CAMPBELL PL., 2509-Marvin D. Smith to Gina M. and John F. Schulz, $583,500.
DECATUR AVE., 3311-Warren K. Lee to S&W Enterprise Corp., $190,000.

Laytonsville area
BROOKE KNOLLS RD., 20804-Laura Estep and Scott D. Liseno to Joyce Kiarie, $450,000.
DAMASCUS RD., 6408-HSBC Bank to Caryn A. Elder, $545,000.

Montgomery Village area
BROOKRIDGE CT., 9883-Christopher E. Shocklee to Raienne A. South, $170,000.
PIER POINT PL., 18639-Dorothy Skinner Mensah to Kasymova Dilfuza, $200,000.
SHREWSBURY CT., 9913-James O'Neil to Aldo F. Monacelli, $360,000.
WALBURG WAY, 9406-April I. Bower to Jacqueline and Arsenio Malondras, $192,000.

Norbeck-Layhill area
ASHMONT TERR., 2727-Maureen F. McCaw to Kaleab T. Giza, $250,000.
DEWEY RD., 12322-Robert L. Clark to Elena M. and Jonathan B. Sherman, $370,000.
FISKE TERR., 3503, No. 155-Dorothy M. Tucker, trustee, to Wayne R. Watkinson, $185,000.
GAWAYNE TERR., 3811, No. 29-Harriet M. Green to Kevin L. Springgs, $272,000.
HARRELL ST., 3316-M.P. and Charles F. Matson to Caitlin S. and Steven D. Torgerson, $310,000.
HIGHVIEW DR., 4108-Pedro D. Villanueva to Liliana Aviles, $265,000.
INTERLACHEN DR., 15100, No. 904-Linda Diane Eisenstadt to Barbara S. and Robert A. Tahler, $230,000.
KELSEY ST., 3812-Atlantis Properties Corp. to Scott D. Riffert, $339,000.
SADDLEBROOK DR., 12820-Louis Gorsky, trustee, to Anestine Theophile Lafond and Dorian A. Lafond, $395,000.

North Potomac area CHEVY CHASE ST., 93, No. 93-Kishor Mehta Viral to Lynda C. Madden, $392,500.
COLTON LANE, 13201-M.J. and E. Lee Gartner to Matthew M. Quinn, $500,000.
DOE LANE, 12802-Thang Do to Manju and Anand Swaroop, $764,000.
DUNLEITH CT., 13-A.E. and Thomas A. Marcinko to Teri and William Kreisl, $627,000.
ESWORTHY TERR., 15-James Curtis Moffatt, trustee, to Jon E. Clark and Maureen K. Ruskin, $930,000.
GRACELAND ST., 14-Jessica B. Carolin to Shiwei Song and Weiyun Wu, $486,000.
HADDONFIELD LANE, 13419-Gary R. Shifflett to Christine and Brian O'Donnell, $796,000.
LITTLE QUARRY RD., 128-John F. Bowis to Marie Chun Kao and Matthew M. Hsieh, $670,000.
MAIN MEWS, 1324-Roxanne E. and Raymond D. Fox to Kathryn and Lawrence Bojczyk, $520,000.
PONTIAC WAY, 48-Celia Ines Caputo to David Biss and Meghan Wrathall, $325,000.
WEST SIDE DR., 962, No. 21A-Jose C. Alvarez to Cecilia Kemisola Akintolayo, $150,000.
WINTER WALK DR., 325-San Hong to Ping Tsui, $489,000.

Olney area
OLD BALTIMORE RD., 18704-S.F. and Abies S. Oboh to Jun Ma and Yalan Li, $525,000.
RIO DULCE CT., 17404-A.R. and Samuel Levy to Leigh A. and Michael A. Eller, $575,000.
SHAMROCK DR., 17617-Christopher D. Elwood to Reed T. Vanorsdel, $400,000.
SUNDOWN FARMS WAY, 3425-Ana Maria and Steven A. Turner to Quanzeng Wang, $405,000.

Potomac area
BELLS RIDGE TERR., 8536-Carolyn J. McElroy to Grace D. Liu, $719,000.
CLIFFE HILL CT., 1-M.S. and H. Bruce Cranford to Jason S. Sherman, $715,000.
GREENLEAF AVE., 12217-Annabella C. Salinas to Srinivasan Balaji and Jamuna Sundararajan, $440,000.
KAREN DR., 11712-Richard F. Woodburn to Anh Tuan Pham and Hien Phuong Nguyen, $740,000.
LE HAVRE DR., 11535-Cheng Min Hwa, trustee, to Joshua E. and Marcella K. Jacobs, $920,000.
PARK POTOMAC AVE., 12500, No. 408-Park Potomac Corp. to Rita M. Brinn, $985,000.
RIVERWOOD DR., 10908-J.E. and Girija N. Singh to Ali Ghorbani and Bita Arabshahi, $1.32 million.
STRATTON DR., 2185-Narmina R. and Djeihoun Mollazade to Catherine and Yaya Moussa, $563,000.
WETHERFIELD LANE, 12053-Inessa and Igor Mosyak to Youbang Liu, $1 million.

Rockville area BOU AVE., 5750, No. 908-Midtown Montrose Corp. to Judy Lynn and Edward B. Gable Jr., $500,000.
BREWER HOUSE CIR., 5724-S.C. and Carl A. Pisano to Robert M. Goor and Linda M. Tebelman, $642,500.
CASEY LANE, 507-Robert G. Lees to Dario Canal, $510,000.
EMPIRE LANE, 11415-Antoinette M. Sayeh to Anthea and Kerry A. Thorn, $565,000.
INMAN PARK CIR., 5800, No. 1305-Jennifer A. Isenberg to Sandra L. Anderson, $255,000.
MAGRUDER LANE, 11801-Dee A. Tolson to Lori M. and Steven D. Drummond, $650,000.
OLD GEORGETOWN RD., 11710, No. 626-William A. Weiss to Eric Ekman, $282,500.
PARKLAWN DR., 11925, No. 101-Patricia A. McMahon to Smitha Maddala, $145,000.
POTOMAC CORNER DR., 10312-Sevag A. Poochikian to Rebecca L. Carty, $725,000.
SCHUYLKILL RD., 11116-Dimitri Alexander Galanis to Barbara L. and William B. Pitts, $325,000.
SETH PL., 310-David Palacios to Francis Huang Shenkuang, $220,000.
WEEPING CHERRY DR., 14014-S.A. and Steven M. Wishnow to Kelly H. and Benjamin B. Yu, $910,000.

Seneca Park area
MILESTONE MANOR LANE, 12410-Alain Roche to Abhijit and Rashmi Dasgupta, $475,000.
SCARLET LEAF TERR., 20909-Dee A. Wallace to Duc Nhan Cuong and Nguyet Giang Hong, $465,000.

Silver Spring area
CASSEDY ST., 2747-NPS Homes to Barbara B. Disckind, $616,120.
DERBY RIDGE LANE, 2133, No. 1-Jessica and Matthew Tebbe to Amy M. and Matthew J. Motyka, $455,000.
DEWITT DR., 9610, No. 206-Forest Glen Condo Corp. to Martha O. Lisle, $474,900.
FAIRVIEW CT., 1113-Irving H. Shames to Brett D. Freedman and Aviva Krauthammer, $519,000.
GRUBB RD., 8203, No. G101-Adele Goldberg, trustee, to Carisa M. Sumter, $229,000.
NEWELL ST., 8045, No. 204-Sameera Y. Hasan to Amber R. Fink, $265,000.
SILVER SPRING AVE., 410-Harold D. Bailey to Eric P. Benson and Kate Myers, $330,000.

Takoma Park area
GLAIZEWOOD AVE., 912-Barbara L. Appleby to Thomas Lucas Littlefield and Jennifer N. Littlefield, $440,000.
GUDE AVE., 6700-Arianne E. Camphire to Laura Tomes and Thomas Simchak, $330,000.
KENNEBEC AVE., 705-K.M. and Charles D. Aldrich to Margaret M. O'Connor, $318,000.
NEW HAMPSHIRE AVE., 7333, No. 1001-Tenacity Corp. to Sarah Misailidis, $175,000.
NEW HAMPSHIRE AVE., 7333, No. 201-Tenacity Corp. to Burt A. Henry, $152,500.

Twinbrook area
GRANDIN AVE., 1704-Henry L. Bowie to Teresa A. Halsell, $275,000.

Wheaton area BLUERIDGE AVE., 2518-James T. Pitts to Catherine T. and David S. Eaton, $406,000.
BYBEE CT., 11221-Arthur C. Colbert to Daniel James Kraiman and Michelle K. Gross, $335,000.
SLYE CT., 11103-Richard F. Malloy to Mildred W. Lloyd, $350,000.

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