September 11, 2010

Senator Mathias endorses Neil Cohen for U.S. Senator

POTOMAC, MARYLAND – U.S. Senator Mac Mathias (who represented Maryland from 1969 – 1987 as a Republican) has endorsed Dr. Neil Cohen, a Republican candidate for U.S. Senator in Maryland, according to a statement by Daniel Vovak, a candidate for Montgomery County Executive. Senator Mac Mathias was a moderate senator who unseated incumbent Daniel Brewster in 1968 until retiring from office. Thereafter, his seat has been held by Senator Barbara Mikulski. Ironically, Mikulski's only loss was to Mac Mathias in 1974 when Mathias, a moderate, convincingly defeated Mikulski, a liberal, in left-leaning Maryland. (Mathias won 57% to 43%.) Therein, it is believed that moderate Republicans can win in state-wide general elections, though first they must win Republican primaries, which are filled with conservative candidates.

"Mathias' influence still lives in my candidacy," says Cohen, a dentist, whose campaign website includes a personal photo of himself with George H.W. Bush. Cohen's campaign has also received a pseudo-endorsement from, a website operated by David Frum. Frum was President George W. Bush's economic speechwriter.

In January, Vovak was considering running for U.S. Senator but abandoned his effort following a conversation with Senator Mathias, an avowed moderate. Vovak says, "I called the senator and asked him for his endorsement and he asked me if I was a moderate, and I said I wasn't. That's when he explained to me that he now considered Barbara Mikulski to be a friend of his. He also said that the only way he would support a Republican in a primary would be if he was a moderate but that in Maryland only conservatives won primaries." Soon thereafter, Mathias died.

"If Mathias was alive I believe he would whole-heartedly support my endeavor," said Cohen, the only moderate running in the U.S. Senate primary.

In all, there are eleven Republicans vying to defeat Barbara Mikulski: Joseph Alexander, Barry Steve Asbury, Neil Cohen, Stephens Dempsey,
Samuel Graham Sr., John Kimble,
Gregory Kump, Daniel McAndrew, Jim Rutledge,
Eddie Vendetti, and Eric Wargotz.

Neil Cohen can be contacted at 301-523-7764 or
NOTE: This story has minor edits from its initial release.

September 10, 2010

Lutheran Church of St. Andrew hosting upcoming events

The Practical Pursuit of the Miracle Life - A Women's Retreat Day, Saturday, October 16 from 9 am to 4 pm. Stephanie Edwards, nationally-known broadcaster and Christian speaker will use story, music and scriptural study to explore how God calls each of us to the "miracle life' of fullness and joy, with inspiration to reach toward our boundless potential in Christ! All adult women are welcome! Hosted by The Lutheran Church of St. Andrew, 15300 New Hampshire Ave, Silver Spring 20905. 301-384-4394. Details and registration at Early bird discount til September 15!

Get Back Up Again" Teen Rebound Rally - Saturday, October 9 from 10 am - 4 pm. Even if you slip up, you can always get back up again! Live music, comedy, good food and stories of real-life "rebounds" that will inspire you to soar higher than ever before! Featuring guest speaker Jay Gamelin of Ohio State Campus Ministry. Come for fun and be inspired - all high school-age youth invited - bring friends! Hosted by The Lutheran Church of St Andrew, 15300 New Hampshire Avenue, Silver Spring, 20905. 301-384-4394. Details and registration at Early bird discount til September 15!

Vovak vows private equity for Purple Line to BWI, within 4 years

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, MARYLAND -- Daniel Vovak, a candidate for Montgomery County Executive, has vowed that, if elected, he will begin construction of the Purple Line within four years. Vovak's ambitious plan follows a similar logic as Robert Dyer (R-at large), Hans Reimer (D-at large), and ideas by Scott Goldberg, a delegate candidate (D-16), who also supports the Purple Line, plus solar savings with creative renewable energy sources of revenue. Vovak's new Purple Line idea was inspired by his reading of oil tycoon Henry Flagler, who built the Florida East Coast Railroad from St. Augustine to Key West, Florida, using primarily private funds instead of State (or Federal) funds.

"Because we live adjacent to the capital city of the United States, Montgomery County should be a showcase for efficient public transportation," said Vovak. "I want my first term in office to focus on job creation, spurred by the Purple Line project. Under my administration, the project will focus on building America's first Maglev (or high speed rail) line using primarily private equity funds."

Currently there are no American companies that build high-speed trains. Usually, international companies have and continue to be involved in the planning for transit systems. Private funding for the Purple Line may require an estimated $1.8 billion dollars as a light rail project. Vovak says the project may tap into federal Recovery and Reinvestment Act monies in order to create green jobs related to the Purple Line. Initial county funds could also come from an infrastructure bank, which will take transportation decisions out of political hands and transfer them to experts.

Vovak says he received initial interest from Republican county executive candidates in Howard County (Trent Kittleman) and Baltimore County (Ken Holt), with Anne Arundel County Executive John Leopold not yet involved in any concrete plans. Vovak says that the Maglev line should start in Bethesda and run through Silver Spring, Columbia, BWI, and end in Baltimore County. This proposal comes at a time when other countries, like India, are also reevaluating their transit systems.

Vovak said, "Frankly, I see a Maglev line from Bethesda to BWI as a greater priority than a light rail line from Bethesda to New Carrolton. Regardless, I still support the existing Metro proposals from Silver Spring to New Carrolton, though as perhaps a line of a different color, like the "Silver Line." Besides, anything with the color purple should be welcomed by Baltimore Ravens fans."

According to Vovak, the privately-funded Purple Line could serve as a model for similar train projects in Ohio, Florida, along the West Coast, and trans-America. Vovak says the project would create immediate jobs in an assortment of fields, especially real estate, civil engineering, construction, and law, since businesses always function faster than governments at driving economic growth. Vovak added that the entire Empire State Building project took less than two years to build from concept to completion, so his timeline is reasonable.

"The Maglev Purple Line could become a massive job-creator in Montgomery County, giving us an economic engine for our local economy!" said Vovak. "I thrive on challenges like this, which I believe I can achieve!"

Vovak's website is or

Vovak warns Steele that Ehrlich could lose because Uncapher supports party-switcher

CAPTION: Daniel Vovak, candidate for Montgomery County Executive, warns Republican National Chairman Michael Steele that Bob Ehrlich could lose the Maryland governor race because Montgomery County Chairman Mark Uncapher supports a party-switcher. Vovak has called for Uncapher to resign. Vovak's website is

Vovak says, "As Maryland Republican Chairman Audrey Scott complains about O'Malley fiddling, Maryland Republicans are about to get burned. My opponent has no written record anywhere of him supporting a pro-Republican position."

Montgomery County is the largest voting county in Maryland and has the second most registered Republicans, second to Baltimore County.

Montgomery County League of Women Voters candidate election guide

I finally found a link to the complete Montgomery County, Maryland League of Women Voters guide of all candidates on the ballot in Maryland. To read it, click here for all information by LWV.

To read about Daniel Vovak's campaign for Montgomery County Executive, click here.

September 8, 2010

Young Republicans “Equip the County’s Future”

Gaithersburg, August 24, 2010 – The Montgomery County Young Republicans presented the Linkages to Learning with backpack donations concluding the “Equip the County’s Future” backpack drive. A group fundraiser aimed at producing fully equipped and supplied backpacks for the children involved with the local Learning Center that provides support to children and parents who require a little extra.

“Our members are pleased to present the Linkages to Learning with backpacks for the students in support of the Center’s great work in our community,” said Montgomery County Young Republicans President Michael Gibble. “We unequivocally support ‘Equipping our County’s Future’ business and civic leaders with the tools required to succeed in their current educational endeavors. Since we started this initiative earlier this summer, we have been able to share the great work the Center does with the community. We hope this encourages more groups to get involved with Linkages for Learning who promotes steadfast commitment to family and learning.”

In the past two years, the dozens of backpacks collected by the MCYR’s have helped benefit the Linkages for Learning students as they proceed into the next school year.


Montgomery County Young Republicans Background: Made up of highly-motivated young professionals from 18 to 40 years of age, the MCYR’s are one of the top political groups in Maryland. From campaign deployments around the state and country to local Montgomery County political leadership we work hard to get Republicans elected and look forward to a number of victories this year. What also makes our club great is our keen sense of social responsibility - as individuals, not government! - our varied charitable programs throughout the year. And of course our monthly happy hour where we relax and catch up on how folks are doing.

Join us and let's get Montgomery County back on a pro-jobs, fiscally responsible path! For more information, please visit or contact MCYR President Michael Gibble at or at (202) 441-6963.

Linkages to the Learning: Linkages to Learning is a school-based collaboration among the Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services, the Montgomery County Public Schools and non-profit, community based service providers. The program provides accessible services to at-risk children and their families to improve adjustment to and performance in school, home, and community. Prevention and early intervention services include health, mental health, social services and educational support. For more information, please contact the Center at (301) 926- 1397.

September 7, 2010

MCGOP Chairman must resign to halt governor race sabotage

Dear Maryland Republican:

Every election cycle in Maryland, Republicans must overcome substantial Democrat votes to win, with the largest, lopsided Democrat voting jurisdictions being Montgomery County, Prince George's County, and Baltimore City. Today I want to direct your attention to various examples of how a vendetta-driven (and appointed) county chairman can possibly sabotage races for governor, U.S. Senator, comptroller, U.S. Congress, Montgomery County Executive, and various local races.

On September 3, The Washington Post ran a story about the Montgomery County Executive Republican primary. In the story, reporter Michael Laris investigated my opponent's party affiliation. His inquiry came about when my opponent refused to answer questions about the history of his party affiliation. After making a call to the Montgomery County Board of Elections, the reporter proved that my opponent had been a Democrat from 1992 through April 13, 2010. Although I welcome his quick switch to the Republican Party, I believe he acted not on an ideological epiphany, but as a naked opportunist who feared facing Ike Leggett in a Democrat primary.

Within The Washington Post article, Montgomery County Chairman Mark Uncapher bizarrely compared my opponent with President Ronald Reagan, who switched his registration to Republican many years prior to running for office, and used his position as a chairman to attack my policies to grow our tax base in Maryland's largest county, knowing his opinions may carry weight with some voters. Why would a Republican chairman give his blessing to a candidate who may have voted for Martin O'Malley, Barbara Mikulski, Ben Cardin, Peter Franchot, and Chris van Hollen?

Uncapher has become the pseudo-campaign manager and head cheerleader for my opponent. It began when I received a phone call from a Republican who serves on the Maryland executive committee. This individual informed me that he had confronted Mark Uncapher about his unexplainable support for a lifelong Democrat. I was then informed that soon thereafter, Uncapher had manipulated the data within Voter Vault, unethically manipulating my opponent's anti-Ehrlich and anti-Michael Steele voting records into pro-Republican. (This person has proof of this with a computer screenshot.) Uncapher's vendetta continued with emails and phone calls to Republicans throughout Montgomery County. In essence, Uncapher has attempted to create a record for my opponent, though my opponent holds no pro-Republican position on any issue.

During my campaign, I received the highest rating from Americans for Prosperity, received the county's top candidate score against speed cameras, received a perfect score on transit, and received an endorsement for "best on transit" issues. On the other hand, my opponent has worked with Mark Uncapher to not reveal his purely Democratic leanings, which is why he refused to answer the League of Women Voter questions. In addition, Uncapher's claim to The Washington Post that my opponent wants to reduce the county's deficit is bogus in that my opponent's website states that he wants to add funding to the county schools' budget, probably amounting to another $100 million in costs and further ballooning the county's structural deficit. (It's exactly that type of debt that is driving our county to near-bankruptcy!) Further, my written opinions are on record with a slew of organizations, including: the National Rifle Association, pro-environment groups (like Conservation Montgomery), and pro-life groups. Meanwhile, Uncapher allows my opponent's views to remain ideologically indistinguishable from any Democrat.

How can anyone trust my untested opponent to not endorse Martin O'Malley, Barbara Mikulski, Peter Franchot, Chris van Hollen, and Donna Edwards? Any of these endorsements could cause state-wide chaos if Mark Uncapher's favorite Democrat-turned-Republican flip-flopped on us later! Bob Ehrlich has rested his whole candidacy on his desire to increase voter turn-out in Montgomery County and Brian Murphy (who lives in Chevy Chase) certainly must have an opinion on the matter of Republican loyalty. In addition, many local candidates could be politically devoured by a wolf in sheep's clothing. Certainly Dede Scozzafava (New York-23) must be congratulating Mark Uncapher on his desire to use his power to promote a pure liberal to head a budget of over $4 billion dollars, with executive power only second to the governor.

Therefore, I ask you to call for the immediate resignation of Mark Uncapher, who has probably violated his Republican Oath, in addition to using his position to attack a fellow Republican through the public media (which spawned this public rebuttal to defend myself). Every day that Uncapher sits in his appointed seat, he is potentially damaging the race for governor, U.S. Senator, comptroller, U.S. Congress, Montgomery County Executive, and various local races.

Correspondence for Uncapher's resignation should be directed to Ryan Mahoney, Maryland Republican Political Director, at or 410-263-2125.


Daniel Vovak, Candidate for Montgomery County Executive