November 6, 2010

President G.W Bush, Palin, Oprah, and the 'swamp'

Council News - Press Releases & Statements

ROCKVILLE, Md., November 3, 2010—Incumbents Phil Andrews, Roger Berliner, Marc Elrich, Valerie Ervin, Nancy Floreen, George Leventhal and Nancy Navarro were re-elected to the Montgomery County Council and will be joined by first-timers Craig Rice and Hans Riemer, according to unofficial results of the Nov. 2 general election released by the Montgomery County Board of Elections. A ballot question asking voters if they wanted to implement an ambulance transport fee proposed by County Executive Isiah Leggett was defeated, with approximately 46 percent of voters in favor and approximately 54 percent opposed.

The results remain unofficial until certified by the County Board of Elections. Ballots were cast by 46.5 percent of registered voters. Absentee, provisional and overseas ballots have yet to be counted. The new Council is scheduled to be sworn in on Monday, Dec. 6.

All nine seats on the Council were up for election. Councilmembers Elrich, Floreen and Leventhal, along with newcomer Riemer, won at-large seats. Councilmember Berliner was re-elected in District 1, Councilmember Andrews was re-elected in District 3, Councilmember Navarro was re-elected in District 4 and Councilmember Ervin was re-elected in District 5. Newcomer Rice won the District 2 seat, which is currently held by Mike Knapp, who chose not to seek re-election.

November 5, 2010

Gallery Place-Chinatown Escalator Shut Down After Malfunction

U.S. Attorney's Office Drops All Charges Against DC9 Employees

November 05, 2010 - Four employees and a co-owner of the Ninth Street, Northwest D.C. club were accused in last month's beating death of Ali Ahmed Mohammed. The U.S. Attorney's office says the decision to drop all charges was made after a detailed examination of the evidence gathered during the first three weeks of the investigation and a determination that they need more information before moving forward. SOURCE :WAMU

Van Hollen steps down as DCCC Chair

The Maryland congressman in charge of the House Democrats' campaign efforts is leaving that post just days after his party lost more than 60 seats to the Republicans. Rep. Chris Van Hollen of Maryland told the Bill Press Show on Friday that two election cycles is enough as chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. He had signaled plans to leave the chairmanship even before Tuesday's election. Van Hollen had a good showing at the DCCC in the 2008 election cycle, when his party picked up more than 20 GOP-held seats, adding to their victories in 2006. But this year was a disaster for the Democrats. They will hand over the House majority to Republicans when the new Congress convenes in January. SOURCE: Washington Post & Associated Press

17-year-old and a 14-year-old were charged with attempted murder

A 17-year-old and a 14-year-old were charged with attempted murder after police say they attacked a man in a Montgomery County parking lot, grabbed his cellphone, dragged him onto a second-floor landing at an apartment building, beat him and tried to throw him over a balcony that was 20 feet above concrete. A woman who came to the man's aid was punched and kicked by the teens before they ran from the scene, officials said Wednesday. Montgomery detectives are looking for a third suspect.

The attack occurred Oct. 23 in the 3300 block of Teagarden Circle, which is in the Briggs Chaney area about five miles north of the Capital Beltway. Detectives charged Shante Dion Gladden, 17, as an adult. He remained locked up in the Montgomery jail, an official there said Thursday. Gladden is charged with attempted second-degree murder, robbery, first-degree assault, two counts of second-degree assault, and theft under $1,000, according to police. Detectives charged the second teenager, who lives in the District, as a juvenile, so his name was not released. He faces the same charges as Gladden. He was placed at the Alfred D. Noyes Children's Center in Rockville, police said. SOURCE: Washington Post

MARC train and freight train collide in DC, limited injuries

Cardin asks for federal investigation of robocalls

Sen. Benjamin L. Cardin (D-Md.) has asked U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder to investigate anonymous robocalls placed to Maryland voters urging them to stay home on Election Day even though polls were still open.

"Targeting voters with deceptive messages in a deliberate attempt to suppress voter participation is well outside the limits of protected free speech," Cardin said in a statement. "We cannot continue to allow such intentional actions to be tolerated."

In the automated calls, a woman's voice told recipients: "I'm calling to let everyone know that Governor O'Malley and President Obama have been successful. Our goals have been met. The only thing left is to watch it on TV tonight. Congratulations and thank you."

On the night of the election, a spokesman for former governor Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. (R) said his campaign had nothing to do with the ads and said he condemned their content. In addition to his letter to Holder, Cardin has requested that Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) hold a hearing on deceptive voter practices that occurred this election cycle in Maryland and elsewhere. SOURCE: Washington Post

Police: Woman Fights Off Would-Be Silver Spring Rapist

SILVER SPRING, Md. (WUSA) -- A woman fought off a man trying to rape her Wednesday evening, police said. William Green, 24, of Silver Spring, approached the woman from behind and pushed her down a hill, just off of the Spring Street Bridge, police said. Green hit the woman, then threatened her with a bottle just before he told her he was going to rape her, police said. The victim then managed to grab the bottle away from Green, fight him off with it and get away, police said.

She ran down the street and flagged a person down who eventually called the police. Police say they found Green shortly afterward with cuts on his face and his head as a result of the struggle with the victim. Green is charged with attempted first-degree rape, attempted armed robbery, and first-degree assault. He is currently being held without bond at the Montgomery County Detention Center. SOURCE: WUSA

Blue-Colored UFO in Centreville, VA. Will Bethesda be visited next?

More Republicans rebuking Sarah Palin

November 4, 2010

Expressing Opinion Through A Cartoon

Vovak calls for Kane 'governor race' retraction, before 2050

According to the Baltimore Sun, Maryland Lt. Governor candidate Mary Kane believes Republicans will not win a Maryland governor race until 2050. Kane is the former Maryland Secretary of State and the wife of John Kane, who was Maryland Republican Chairman from 2002 to 2006.

"I don't know if we are going to see another [Republican governor of Maryland] in the next 40 years," said Mary Kane, his running mate. "It is a shame."

The quote appeared on November 3 within a story entitled "End of an era for Ehrlich, Maryland Republicans: State GOP leaders worry about permanent minority status."

Daniel Vovak, an at-large member of the Montgomery County Republican Party Central Committee was disappointed in the statement from Bob Ehrlich's right-hand pick. Vovak says, "There isn't a doubt in my mind that someday Bob Ehrlich is going to stand next to another Maryland governor and it will be long before he is 92, because new Republican leaders will emerge. Bob Ehrlich is an excellent politician but lost because he was supported in 2010 by a weak Maryland Republican Party. Even when the Baltimore Orioles finished dead last in 2009, the franchise didn't write-off future victories. Therefore, I ask that Mary Kane retracts her quote and apologizes before Doug Gansler thanks her by sending Kane a bouquet of roses."

Coconuts removed from trees in preparation for Barack Obama's India trip

Mr Obama will arrive in India on Saturday for the first leg of an Asian tour. But as well as the usual security measures that come with welcoming a a visiting dignitary, Indian authorities have decided to go one step further, by removing all natural threats to the president as well. All coconuts around the city's Gandhi museum, one of Mr Obama's stops in the city, are being taken down. Mani Bhavan, where Mahatma Gandhi stayed during his freedom struggle against the British, is among five places the US president is visiting in Mumbai.

"We told the authorities to remove the dry coconuts from trees near the building. Why take a chance?" Mani Bhavan's executive secretary, Meghshyam Ajgaonkar, told the BBC.

Last week American security officers inspected Mani Bhavan and its surroundings along with other places the president is likely to visit. Every year in India people are injured or even killed by falling coconuts. Mr Obama, still smarting from heavy losses in the midterm elections, will visit India, Indonesia, South Korea, Japan and China on the 10-day tour. SOURCE: Telegraph

Nancy Pelosi Interview: 'No Regrets,' 'Job Well Done' (VIDEO)

No DNA, Fingerprint Links in Chandra Levy Trial

November 3, 2010

Dems Hold Tight on Montgomery Offices; Ballot Measures Surprise

A “red” wave of historic proportions washed through the U.S. Congress, but Montgomery County was a placid pool of Democratic victories last night. As many had predicted, the winners of the September Democratic primary elections had no problem taking those seats. County Executive Ike Leggett handily won reelection, as did incumbent Councilmembers Phil Andrews, Roger Berliner, Valerie Ervin, and Nancy Navarro. Incumbent At-Large Councilmembers Marc Elrich, Nancy Floreen and George Leventhal won by 2-1. Newcomers Hans Reimer in an At-Large seat, and Craig Rice from District Two (upcounty) also easily won.

The love didn’t extend to ballot measures, however. One of the incumbents’ signature pushes was for ambulance fees, but with most returns in, that measure seems to be going down to defeat.

Another interesting ballot measure also confounded the pundits. Every 20 years, the Maryland Assembly has to ask the voters if they want to call a constitutional convention to address structural issues in Maryland government; that question was on yesterday’s ballot. I asked several of the candidates whether they supported the revision convention, and all said no. Some of the major newspapers also opposed the measure, arguing that it would bring out “crazies.” But in a surprise, the most recent returns show a strong vote in favor of the constitutional revision. Looks like the people have more faith in their legal drafters than the leaders do.

Speaking for myself, as I usually do here, I think this is a great development. Montgomery County already has a structural review commission underway; why shouldn’t Maryland? Florida’s recent constitutional convention, which restructured and strengthened that state’s historically-weak school funding programs, was an example of a successful effort; a few crazies came out, but guided by my friend and co-counsel, former Florida House Speaker and law school Dean Jon Mills, Florida looked past those and restructured several parts of its Constitution. (Disclosure: I am a constitutional lawyer, and have been involved with many constitutional initiatives and referenda over the last thirty years, including the effort to revise Florida’s school funding system.) We’ll have to see what happens next.

Barnaby Zall

SOURCE: Friends of White Flint

Likely-House-Speaker John Boehner breaks down in tears accepting victory, talking of American Dream

Ambulance fees rejected in Montgomery County

WASHINGTON - Voters in Montgomery County rejected ambulance fees. The referendum would have raised millions for the cash-strapped county.

"We're losing about $14 million, and we'll be looking to balance the budget accordingly," says Montgomery County Council President Nancy Floreen. Floreen says it's too early to say whether the Montgomery County Council will follow the guidance of Montgomery County Executive Isiah Leggett. Leggett has said the loss of the revenue from fees would cost at least 80 firefighters their jobs and take 11 ambulances out of service.

The county has a $12.5 million budget gap. The measure would have charged insurance companies between $300 and $800 for ambulance rides. Critics said it would have discouraged people from calling 911. SOURCE: WTOP

Montgomery County, Maryland election results

SOURCE: Montgomery County Board of Elections

Precincts Reporting 248
Vote For 1
Total Votes 265484
O'Malley-Brown DEM 179937 67.78%
Ehrlich-Kane REP 81872 30.84%
Gaztanaga-McNeil LIB 1357 0.51%
Allwine-Eidel GRN 1411 0.53%
Knowles-Hargadon CON 723 0.27%
Write-in Votes 184 0.07%

Precincts Reporting 248
Vote For 1
Total Votes 256799
Franchot, Peter DEM 177772 69.23%
Campbell, William H. REP 78743 30.66%
Write-in Votes 284 0.11%

Precincts Reporting 248
Vote For 1
Total Votes 212553
Gansler, Douglas F. DEM 207976 97.85%
Write-in Votes 4577 2.15%

Precincts Reporting 248
Vote For 1
Total Votes 261525
Mikulski, Barbara A. DEM 183906 70.32%
Wargotz, Eric REP 72983 27.91%
Henry, Kenniss GRN 3033 1.16%
Shawver, Richard Ala CON 1275 0.49%
Write-in Votes 328 0.13%

Precincts Reporting 72
Vote For 1
Total Votes 72868
Edwards, Donna DEM 48739 66.89%
Broadus, Robert REP 23955 32.87%
Write-in Votes 174 0.24%

Precincts Reporting 11
Vote For 1
Total Votes 6414
Duck, Andrew DEM 2451 38.21%
Bartlett, Roscoe G. REP 3794 59.15%
Massey, Dan LIB 87 1.36%
Reed, Michael CON 78 1.22%
Write-in Votes 4 0.06%

Precincts Reporting 175
Vote For 1
Total Votes 182055
Van Hollen, Chris DEM 131430 72.19%
Philips, Michael Lee REP 47372 26.02%
Grannis, Mark Andrew LIB 2442 1.34%
Nordhorn, Frederick CON 617 0.34%
Write-in Votes 194 0.11%

Precincts Reporting 34
Vote For 1
Total Votes 36587
Montgomery, Karen S. DEM 22554 61.64%
Cary, Eric J. REP 13975 38.20%
Write-in Votes 58 0.16%

Precincts Reporting 39
Vote For 1
Total Votes 36939
Garagiola, Rob DEM 23450 63.48%
Patel, Dwight REP 13447 36.40%
Write-in Votes 42 0.11%

Precincts Reporting 38
Vote For 1
Total Votes 38721
Frosh, Brian E. DEM 27179 70.19%
Cave, Jerry Howard REP 11503 29.71%
Write-in Votes 39 0.10%

Precincts Reporting 32
Vote For 1
Total Votes 28983
Forehand, Jennie M. DEM 21071 72.70%
Owen-Williams, Adol REP 7805 26.93%
Write-in Votes 107 0.37%

Precincts Reporting 40
Vote For 1
Total Votes 31728
Madaleno, Richard DEM 23639 74.51%
Osuch, Kurt REP 8050 25.37%
Write-in Votes 39 0.12%

Precincts Reporting 36
Vote For 1
Total Votes 32624
Manno, Roger P. DEM 22077 67.67%
Irvine, Donald Ken REP 10477 32.11%
Write-in Votes 70 0.21%

Precincts Reporting 31
Vote For 1
Total Votes 23497
Raskin, Jamie DEM 23241 98.91%
Write-in Votes 256 1.09%

Precincts Reporting 33
Vote For 1
Total Votes 26006
King, Nancy J. DEM 16746 64.39%
Smith, Robert J. REP 9130 35.11%
Write-in Votes 130 0.50%

Precincts Reporting 34
Vote For 3
Total Votes 101734
Kaiser, Anne R. DEM 21721 21.35%
Luedtke, Eric DEM 19509 19.18%
Zucker, Craig DEM 20461 20.11%
Fenati, Patricia A. REP 13941 13.70%
Kahwaty, Henry REP 13253 13.03%
Peña-Faustino, Maria REP 12777 12.56%
Write-in Votes 72 0.07%

Precincts Reporting 39
Vote For 3
Total Votes 103819
Dumais, Kathleen DEM 21475 20.69%
Feldman, Brian J. DEM 21126 20.35%
Miller, Aruna DEM 19519 18.80%
Darrow, Sylvia REP 13351 12.86%
Graham, Scott REP 14107 13.59%
Mockerman, Matthew REP 12431 11.97%
Vohra, Arvin LIB 1767 1.70%
Write-in Votes 43 0.04%

Precincts Reporting 38
Vote For 3
Total Votes 109056
Frick, Bill DEM 26357 24.17%
Kelly, Ariana DEM 25023 22.95%
Lee, Susan C. DEM 25405 23.30%
Allen, Jeanne Rene REP 12197 11.18%
Bowis, Carol G REP 10381 9.52%
Marks, Meyer F. REP 9554 8.76%
Write-in Votes 139 0.13%

Precincts Reporting 32
Vote For 3
Total Votes 81432
Barve, Kumar P. DEM 18604 22.85%
Gilchrist, James DEM 18521 22.74%
Simmons, Luiz DEM 18364 22.55%
Campos, Daniel R. REP 9722 11.94%
Frick, Craig William REP 8180 10.05%
Wang, Josephine J. REP 7967 9.78%
Write-in Votes 74 0.09%

Precincts Reporting 40
Vote For 3
Total Votes 70549
Carr, Al DEM 23938 33.93%
Gutierrez, Ana Sol DEM 23253 32.96%
Waldstreicher, Jeff DEM 22611 32.05%
Write-in Votes 747 1.06%

Precincts Reporting 36
Vote For 3
Total Votes 83378
Arora, Sam DEM 20258 24.30%
Cullison, Bonnie DEM 19822 23.77%
Kramer, Benjamin F. DEM 21443 25.72%
Masser, Tom REP 10515 12.61%
Rivera, Linn REP 11073 13.28%
Write-in Votes 267 0.32%

Precincts Reporting 31
Vote For 3
Total Votes 63717
Hixson, Sheila E. DEM 21848 34.29%
Hucker, Tom DEM 20680 32.46%
Mizeur, Heather R. DEM 20765 32.59%
Write-in Votes 424 0.67%

Precincts Reporting 33
Vote For 3
Total Votes 71647
Barkley, Charles DEM 16834 23.50%
Reznik, Kirill DEM 15076 21.04%
Robinson, Shane DEM 14859 20.74%
Pettit, Jim REP 9108 12.71%
Phillips, Al REP 7738 10.80%
Witham, Bill REP 7953 11.10%
Write-in Votes 79 0.11%

Precincts Reporting 248
Vote For 1
Total Votes 255227
Leggett, Ike DEM 166320 65.17%
Rosenfeld, Douglas E REP 88235 34.57%
Write-in Votes 672 0.26%

Precincts Reporting 248
Vote For 4
Total Votes 942990
Elrich, Marc DEM 162515 17.23%
Floreen, Nancy DEM 161152 17.09%
Leventhal, George L. DEM 154176 16.35%
Riemer, Hans DEM 150807 15.99%
Dyer, Robert REP 76423 8.10%
Fennel, Mark D. REP 75320 7.99%
Rippeon, Brandon REP 74488 7.90%
Uncapher, Robin N. REP 72084 7.64%
Gluck, George GRN 15116 1.60%
Write-in Votes 909 0.10%

Precincts Reporting 61
Vote For 1
Total Votes 60846
Berliner, Roger DEM 41066 67.49%
Vricella, Rob REP 19697 32.37%
Write-in Votes 83 0.14%

Precincts Reporting 53
Vote For 1
Total Votes 52511
Rice, Craig L. DEM 31088 59.20%
Ficker, Robin REP 21342 40.64%
Write-in Votes 81 0.15%

Precincts Reporting 50
Vote For 1
Total Votes 36258
Andrews, Phil DEM 35561 98.08%
Write-in Votes 697 1.92%

Precincts Reporting 50
Vote For 1
Total Votes 51776
Navarro, Nancy DEM 36408 70.32%
Horner, David W. REP 15321 29.59%
Write-in Votes 47 0.09%

Precincts Reporting 54
Vote For 1
Total Votes 44191
Ervin, Valerie DEM 35919 81.28%
Russek, Joseph M REP 8196 18.55%
Write-in Votes 76 0.17%

Precincts Reporting 248
Vote For 6
Total Votes 978207
Burrell, Sharon V. 168250 17.20%
Callahan, Cynthia 168011 17.18%
Jordan, Richard E. 161208 16.48%
McCally, Cheryl A. 163745 16.74%
Quirk, Joseph M. 157334 16.08%
Salant, Steven G. 156460 15.99%
Write-in Votes 3199 0.33%

Precincts Reporting 248
Vote For 1
Total Votes 202887
YES Barbera, Mary El 176765 87.12%
NO Barbera, Mary Ell 26122 12.88%

Precincts Reporting 248
Vote For 1
Total Votes 200261
YES Krauser, Peter B 172748 86.26%
NO Krauser, Peter B. 27513 13.74%

Precincts Reporting 248
Vote For 1
Total Votes 198794
YES Matricciani, Alb 171637 86.34%
NO Matricciani, Albe 27157 13.66%

Precincts Reporting 248
Vote For 1
Total Votes 197340
YES Wright, Alexande 171298 86.80%
NO Wright, Alexander 26042 13.20%

Precincts Reporting 248
Vote For 1
Total Votes 201255
McCarthy, John DEM 199003 98.88%
Write-in Votes 2252 1.12%

Precincts Reporting 248
Vote For 1
Total Votes 197532
Knight, Loretta E. DEM 195970 99.21%
Write-in Votes 1562 0.79%

Precincts Reporting 248
Vote For 1
Total Votes 239596
Griffin, Joseph M. DEM 169231 70.63%
Koutsoutis, Socrates REP 70214 29.31%
Write-in Votes 151 0.06%

Precincts Reporting 248
Vote For 1
Total Votes 199281
Popkin, Darren Mark DEM 197008 98.86%
Write-in Votes 2273 1.14%

Precincts Reporting 248
Vote For 1
Total Votes 176221
Brandman, Shirley 109827 62.32%
Lloyd, Lisa M 65328 37.07%
Write-in Votes 1066 0.60%

Precincts Reporting 248
Vote For 1
Total Votes 174299
Docca, Judy 120637 69.21%
Ibañez, Michael 52903 30.35%
Write-in Votes 759 0.44%

Precincts Reporting 248
Vote For 1
Total Votes 176056
O'Neill, Patricia 118696 67.42%
Smith, Karen S 56719 32.22%
Write-in Votes 641 0.36%

Precincts Reporting 248
Vote For 1
Total Votes 176566
Durso, Mike 102615 58.12%
Schaerr, Martha C 73264 41.49%
Write-in Votes 687 0.39%

Precincts Reporting 248
Vote For 1
Total Votes 237009
For a Convention 107137 45.20%
Against a Convention 129872 54.80%

Precincts Reporting 248
Vote For 1
Total Votes 238457
For the Constitution 164753 69.09%
Against the Constitu 73704 30.91%

Precincts Reporting 248
Vote For 1
Total Votes 226302
For the Constitution 194808 86.08%
Against the Constitu 31494 13.92%

Precincts Reporting 248
Vote For 1
Total Votes 251607
For the ambulance fee 116173 46.17%
Against the ambulance fee 135434 53.83%

November 2, 2010

Montgomery County Maryland election coverage

LOCAL RACES: click here County Executive, Sheriff, Register of Wills, etc.

STATE RACE (Montgomery County totals): click here

State Senate 14: click here

State Senate 15: click here

State Senate 16: click here

State Senate 17: click here

State Senate 18: click here

State Senate 19: click here

State Senate 20: click here

State Senate 39: click here

Olney Bank Robbed, Teller Pistol-Whipped

OLNEY, Md. - Montgomery County Police say a bank in Olney has been robbed by a lone gunman. It happened Saturday about 10:20 a.m. at the Wachovia Bank on Georgia Avenue. Police say a man entered the bank and pointed a handgun at a teller. The suspect got an undisclosed amount of cash, then struck the teller in the face with his handgun. The suspect fled on foot. The teller was taken to a local hospital. SOURCE: FOX

Water Main Break Closes Pennsylvania Ave.

Vovak votes

Well, I voted at Walt Whitman High School in Bethesda, Maryland and turnout was relatively high, though probably average for an off-year election. I also voted for a healthy mixture of Republicans and Democrats.

O'Malley, Ehrlich Meet Voters on Eve of Election

WTOP's 2010 Election Guide

Polling places will be open on Election Day from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. You can find your polling place here. In the race for Md. governor, incumbent Martin O'Malley (D) is running against former Md. Gov. Robert Ehrlich (R). On the state level, Sen. Barbara Mikulski (D-Md.) will be running against a Queen Anne's County physician Eric Wargotz (R). In Maryland's 1st Congressional District, Frank Kratovil (D-Md.), is running against Republican Andy Harris. The race is one of the most closely watched and hotly contested congressional races in the country.

In Montgomery County, there are a number of county council seats up for grabs along with the race for county executive, in which incumbent Ike Leggett (D) is opposed by Doug Rosenfeld (R). In Prince George's County, the 4th District County Council race will be closely watched. Democrat Ingrid Turner is seeking re-election against Republican Fiona Moodie. SOURCE: WTOP