September 25, 2010

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weather report for Montgomery County

Plans unveiled for second Bethesda Metro station entrance

Concept designs for a second entrance to the Bethesda Metro station and connecting bicycle trails were unveiled today at a meeting of the Transportation, Infrastructure, Energy and Environment Committee of the Montgomery County Council. County and Maryland Transit Administration plans call for six elevators that would connect Bethesda station's underground Red Line platform, the planned Purple Line light-rail station and street level, at the corner of Elm Street and Wisconsin Avenue in downtown Bethesda.

Washington Metropolitan Transit Authority officials presented a slideshow of maps, diagrams and simulated videos that illustrated access to the Metro through the new entrance. In the most recent report to be made public, a 2005 access demand analysis for the Bethesda station, Metro estimated that 70 percent of the station's 19,000 weekday riders walk to the Metro.

That report projects 2030 ridership totals of 26,800 entries and exits to the Bethesda station with a south entrance and without connection to the Purple Line, and 30,400 with both a south entrance and the Purple Line. Average weekday entries and exits were about 19,000 in 2005, according to the study.

Two elevators on Elm Street at its southwest intersection with Wisconsin Avenue would take passengers to the Purple Line level, just below Wisconsin Avenue. Stairways would also connect the Purple Line level to Elm Street, according to the plan presented by Michael Madden, the administration's study manager for the Purple Line, and Joseph Romanowski Jr., of Rummel Klepper & Kahl, LLP. SOURCE: Gazette

September 24, 2010

DC overrun by stink bugs!

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Is Rhee heading to MOCO?

ROCKVILLE, Md. - Can you run a world-class education system on a budget? Do you know someone who can? You might want to point them in the direction of the Montgomery County Board of Education. After more than a decade as Montgomery County School Superintendent, Dr. Jerry Weast will be leaving at the end of the school year. The resignation has prompted the Montgomery County School Board to begin the search for a new school chief.

In a meeting with Montgomery County's Council this week, school board members suggested it would take a national search to find Weast's successor, and the person would need experience with a large school system. The council may not have to look too far. D.C. Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee may soon be in the market for a new job. Chris Barclay, a member of the Montgomery County Board of Education was asked if Rhee would have a shot in Montgomery County.

"I have no idea. This is way too early to talk about taking on any candidate," Barclay says. "To me, she would be just like any other person who applied for this job."

Rhee would be in charge of a system much larger than D.C.'s 45,000 students. Montgomery County Schools have 144,000 students enrolled in their system. Montgomery County schools, which enjoy a good reputation, face a number of challenges. Dr. Weast points out the student population continues to rise, and the number of students with growing needs is increasing. The number of students who are eligible for free and reduced meals - an indicator of low income - is 45,000.

The schools are also under pressure to meet a state funding formula - The Maintenance of Effort - and Montgomery County Council officials say it's unlikely the county can afford to meet the requirement for a third straight year. SOURCE: WTOP

Doug Rosenfeld runs ad against Ike Leggett

Doug Rosenfeld is a candidate for Montgomery County Executive against Ike Leggett. Rosenfeld was endorsed and thoroughly promoted by current Montgomery County Republican Chairman Mark Uncapher. Promoting Rosenfeld, Uncapher has compared him to President Ronald Reagan. In this "Republican year," Republicans expect to win the county executive seat in Montgomery County!

Harriet Tyson, former Montgomery County Board of Education member, dies at 80

Harriet Tyson, a champion of education reform who served as a member of the Montgomery County Board of Education during the 1970s, died Sept. 15 of complications from treatment for esophageal cancer at the Washington Home and Community Hospices in the District. She was 80. Ms. Tyson became involved in shaping Montgomery schools' policies after the system failed to identify her son's learning disabilities. Elected to the school board in 1972, she served until 1976 and was an ally of parents seeking to exercise greater choice in their children's education.

"Some students learn better in innovative schools, and others do better in traditional schools," she told The Washington Post in 1972. "People should not be forced to go to one or another simply because it is in their attendance area."

She was an advocate for children with disabilities and their parents. In 1973, she led a charge to protect such children from Maryland's efforts to collect information about their diagnoses, citing privacy and civil liberty concerns. Among the categories of disabilities listed by the state were "mental retardation," "multiple handicap" and "schizophrenia." Ms. Tyson, known then by her married name, Mrs. Bernstein, remarked that symptoms of those conditions "are often displayed by board members." SOURCE: Washington Post

LAUGHING? Stephen Colbert illegal immigration testimony on Capitol Hill

Statement of Comptroller Peter Franchot Regarding Today’s Washington Examiner Story

NOTE: Montgomery County Daily did not call Washington Examiner for comment. Also, Francot faces William Campbell in the general election. Campbell is a superbly qualified candidate for the job, too, making the election a competitive one.

“In the past three and half years I have never felt the need to respond to an article or column written about me, or positions that I have taken on public policy issues. However, today’s Washington Examiner story is such a gross misrepresentation of my longtime position on Maryland’s Purple Line project that I feel compelled to set the record straight.

Over my career in public life, I have been a strong and consistent advocate for creating accessible mass transit options across the state, none more so than the Purple Line. I publicly advocated on behalf of this project as a member of the Maryland House of Delegates from the 20th District, which includes several communities that will be directly served by this vital rail line, and successfully fought to protect project funding as Chairman of the House Subcommittee on Transportation and the Environment.

I believe today, as I always have, that the Purple Line will substantially improve transportation mobility in one of the nation’s most congested regions. I believe that the Purple Line will provide reliable and convenient service to communities that are in urgent need of better transit options, and I believe that it will be a catalyst for environmentally sustainable, transit-oriented development that will ultimately enhance our State’s economy and quality of life. It is in that spirit that I restated my longstanding support for the project at yesterday’s Board of Public Works meeting, and expressed appreciation to Governor O’Malley for his support of the project, as well as the proposed Red Line that will serve the Baltimore region, and the Corridor Cities Transitway in the Washington region.

As Comptroller, I take my role as an advocate for the taxpayers very seriously. When items come up for approval before the Board of Public Works, I carefully review them and often ask the presenting agencies questions to ensure that we are managing taxpayer dollars as efficiently as possible. At Wednesday’s meeting, I did ask substantive questions about two general engineering consultant contracts with eight-year terms and a total cost of $160 million. Given the magnitude of this investment of taxpayer dollars, particularly at a time when so many other worthy projects around the State have been deferred due to budget constraints, I sought reassurance from Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) officials that these services “are absolutely vital to the goal of getting these projects funded and built” and that the State of Maryland would truly be getting $160 million worth of work from these consultants.

Given the complexity of these contracts and the large number of consulting firms that are included in the contracts, I also sought reassurance that there were proper management controls in place to ensure the work would be completed in accordance with our high standards. I received thoughtful and detailed responses from the MDOT officials at the meeting, and after being satisfied with the answers, I joined Governor O’Malley and Treasurer Kopp in voting for these contracts. At no point in the meeting did I criticize the projects or their projected costs, and at no point did I suggest that they “are a poor use of money.”

In closing, this story grossly misrepresents my longstanding position on a project that I consider very important. More important, this article does a disservice to the Purple Line project, as well as the Red Line and Corridor Cities Transitway projects, by unfairly questioning the unity and resolve of our state’s leaders at a time when the State of Maryland is preparing to compete for federal funding support. In reaffirming my support for the Purple Line, I am also reaffirming my commitment to work with Governor O’Malley, the General Assembly and our congressional delegation to ensure this project is funded and built in a timely manner. I would also invite the Washington Examiner to actually send a reporter to a Board of Public Works meeting in order to ensure accurate and fair coverage.”

Media Contact: Joseph Shapiro, (443) 871-2244 (cell)

Upcoming Events on Thursday September 30

Thursday, Sept. 30

Maryland Small Business Development Center workshop, "Government Certification 8(a)/SDB/MBE," 2-5 p.m., Eastern Montgomery Regional Service Center, 3300 Briggs Chaney Road, Silver Spring. $60. Registration:, 301-403-0501, ext. 11, or

Business Network International Rockville group, 11:30 a.m., Timpano Chophouse, 12021 Rockville Pike, Rockville. Information: Gary Mininsohn, 240-449-5122.

NAIOP Commercial Real Estate Development Association Maryland/D.C. chapter workshop, "Sustainability 101," 11:45 a.m.-1:30 p.m., Gensler, 2020 K St. N.W., Suite 200, Washington. $30; members $20. Registration: 301-530-8662 or

Baltimore-Washington Corridor Chamber of Commerce seminar, "Work Smarter Not Harder — Smartphone and Cloud Computing Applications," 9-10:30 a.m., chamber office, 312 Marshall Ave., Suite 104, Laurel. $30; prepaid members $10. Registration:, 301-725-4000 or 410-792-9714.

Frederick County Office of Economic Development "Celebrating Our Workforce" wrap-up of Business Appreciation Month, 3-5 p.m., Frederick County Business and Employment Center, 5340-A Spectrum Drive, Frederick. Registration:

Rockville Chamber of Commerce breakfast with Montgomery County Executive Isiah Leggett (D), 8-9:30 a.m., Hilton Rockville, 1750 Rockville Pike. $20; members $15. Registration: SOURCE: Gazette

Weather report for Montgomery County

Virginia woman executed for trying to arrange murder of hubby & stepson

Sen Mikulski first ad

September 23, 2010

Eric Wargotz ad for U.S. Senate

Bruce Stern concedes Maryland's Eighth to Mike Phillips

Rockville, Maryland (September 23, 2010): Bruce Stern, a Republican candidate for the United States House of Representatives' seat representing Maryland's Eighth Congressional District, today conceded the primary election to Michael Lee Philips. After absentee and provisional ballots were counted, Stern trailed Philips by 51 votes, a margin of less than .4% of all ballots cast. Philips received 4,716 votes in the primary, or 32.09% of all votes cast, and Stern received 4,665 votes, or 31.75% of all votes cast.

Mr. Stern stated: "I want to thank everyone who supported me throughout this primary election. This has been a fantastic experience and it has given me the opportunity to meet thousands of residents in the Eighth Congressional District who have shared with me their dreams, concerns and ideas on how to better this country. I am humbled and honored by the support I have received and by how close my supporters made this race. I also want to thank my wife, Nicole, and three children, Jordan, Julia and Jamie, who tolerated my absence and distraction over the last six months, endured long hours of canvassing neighborhoods with me on hot, summer days and who were, and remain, my biggest supporters."

Mr. Stern further stated: "I wish Mike Philips the best in his race against Chris Van Hollen and congratulate him on his successful campaign. I also want to congratulate my other primary challengers, Christine Thron and Bill Thomas, for two very well run races and their commitment to make America a better place for us all and to bring real change to Congress."

Franchot blasts Purple Line

Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot on Wednesday criticized some of the Purple Line's costs and questioned the planned light rail's ability to win federal funding. Franchot questioned the costs associated with the 16-mile light rail line that would connect New Carrollton and Bethesda and an expansion of Baltimore's subway system -- projects that aren't due for construction until 2016. He targeted planned contracts with two Baltimore engineering consultants estimated to cost $160 million over eight years.

"It just strikes me that an eight-year, $160 million commitment is an awful lot of money for an awful long time for, frankly, projects that are still -- speculative is probably too harsh a word, but the question of whether they are going to get funded is still up in the air," Franchot said during a Board of Public Works meeting on Wednesday.

Gov. Martin O'Malley has rolled out a six-year, $90 million spending plan for the two light rail projects, with $48 million going to the $1.68 billion Purple Line. The state is hoping to win an additional $225 million federal infusion.

Franchot said the contracts are a poor use of money when the state's existing transportation system is ailing.

"We just have an epidemic of potholes," he said, condemning the legislature for sucking $160 million this year from highway user revenues, which help local governments pay for mending local roads.

"This is a crushing problem. ... It's going to cost us a lot down the road if we don't figure out how to get some of this money out to these needs."

Ehrlich has said he would ax the rail projects if he is elected in November and instead focus on fixing existing transportation infrastructure. Read more at the Washington Examiner: SOURCE: Washington Examiner

Weather report for Montgomery County

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Silver Spring sailor killed in Afghanistan War crash

Silver Spring, Md. - A Navy SEAL from the Washington area has been killed in Afghanistan. Brendan Looney was among five Americans killed in the crash of a NATO helicopter in southern Afghanistan Tuesday. The pentagon is not saying whether the blackhawk was shot down or crashed for some other reason. Nine NATO servicemembers were killed Tuesday - the deadliest helicopter crash in Afghanistan since 2004. Looney grew up in Silver Spring and was a star athlete at DeMatha Catholic High School.

"It's just an empty, sickening feeling comes over your body." DeMatha's head football coach Bill McGregor said at the team's practice field in Riverdale, Md. "You just can't believe what you're hearing."

McGregor coached Looney in the late 1990s. He was a wide receiver/defense back.

"His senior year, he was our co-captain and just a great leader. A great young man," said McGregor.

"He was born to be a Navy SEAL," said DeMatha's principal emeritus John Moylan. "And sure enough he gave his life being a seal."

Looney graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in 2004. He played lacrosse there with his two younger brothers. All three Looney boys and their father went to DeMatha. Their mom works at the school. The flags at the private Prince George's County high school have been lowered in Brendan's honor. He was in the Class of 1999.

"He's always going to be remembered and always have a special place here at DeMatha High School," coach McGregor said.

At the Looney's home on Windmill Lane in Silver Spring, friends say the family went to Dover Air Force Base to greet Brendon's remains. They say his middle brother Stephen returned home safely from Afghanistan in June.

"The family's got to be grieving like you wouldn't believe," said Moylan. "I know at DeMatha, we are grieving big time. He was a cherished lad."

Besides his parents and two younger brothers, Looney leaves behind a wife and three sisters.

Storm knocks out power to 8,000

Wednesday night's storm knocked out power for about 8,000 Pepco customers in Montgomery County, and the utility company says trees are to blame. Again, Brief, early evening storms swept the county and left thousands in the dark for two to eight hours, and all but one of last night's significant outages in the county were caused by trees "coming into contact with our lines and taking out feeders," Pepco spokesman André Francis says.

Pepco officials like to talk about the perils of a heavy tree cover. They continually brought it up during the Maryland Public Service Commission's August investigation of the utility and tree-trimming is a major aspect of their five-year improvement plan. Perhaps now there will be more public support for Pepco to cut back branches county-wide.

George Sauer to return home; to be in hospice care

Wilma Sauer just called me with the following information: George Sauer, a member of the Republican Central Committee (District 15) in Montgomery County, will be released to his home today from Suburban Hospital. Sadly, his cancer returned and it is terminal. He will be in hospice care, beginning tonight.

Young Republicans seek help for rally tonight

The Montgomery County Young Republicans are continually sponsoring Campaign Nights at Victory Headquarters (718 Rockville Pike [diagonally across from Marlo's Furniture], Rockville, MD 20895). SO COME OUT TONIGHT. We welcome any and all volunteers looking to make a difference in this election cycle! Dinner will be provided at 6pm.

Also see the attachments for our other Campaign Nights throughout the fall. All candidates and campaigns are welcome to contact us to organize tasks during these evenings. Volunteers will be available to phone bank, stuff envelopes and perhaps door knock.

We look forward to a hard fought campaign season! Please contact us if you are coming out so we can make sure we have enough food and tasks for everyone.

Stink bugs destroy crops and plants

Maryland Schools Must Teach Environmental Education

BALTIMORE (AP) -- Maryland officials have ruled that schools must include environmental education in their pre-kindergarten through 12th grade classes. The Maryland State Board of Education voted Tuesday to make environmental education part of students' education, but it will not be an official graduation requirement. Still, all students must complete a "local action" project to improve the environment either individually or with their school. It's not clear how much schools will change as a result. In Montgomery County, for example, students already create butterfly gardens and vegetable patches, and "Green Teams" collect recycling items. Beginning in 2015, superintendents will have to certify every five years that the regulation's requirements are met. SOURCE: WUSA9

September 22, 2010

Potomac resident returns home after winning Miss Teen USA

Just over a month after graduating from Winston Churchill High School, with a 4.0 GPA none the less, Kamie Crawford of Potomac has something else to add to her resume — being crowned Miss Teen USA. Crawford, 17, will return to her alma mater Friday for a home football game as part of her own homecoming celebration and to hopefully see a few friends.

"Most of them have already gone off to college but some of them are coming back to see me," said Crawford, a former varsity cheerleading captain.

After she won Miss Maryland Teen USA in November while a student at Churchill, she made history as the first contestant from Maryland to win Miss Teen USA on July 24 in the Bahamas. She has since been attending the New York Film Academy in New York City on scholarship as part of her prize. During her homecoming celebration this weekend, Crawford is scheduled to meet Montgomery County Executive Isiah Leggett, visit children at Children's National Medical Center in Washington D.C., participate in events for Eunice Kennedy Shriver Day, help hand out food to those in need, and meet this year's contestants for Miss Maryland Teen USA.

Crawford will be driven onto the field at Winston Churchill's football game in an antique convertible as part of a halftime celebration that the school is planning, said varsity cheerleading coach Brandi Richardson. The varsity cheerleading squad will also perform a special tribute to their former captain.

"When this happened to her I personally saw that it couldn't have happened to a better person," Richardson said. She was in the audience supporting Crawford when she was crowned Miss Teen Maryland last year.

PICTURE: Kamie Crawford of Potomac reacts after being crowned Miss Teen USA 2010 by Stormi Bree Henley, Miss Teen USA 2009, in the Bahamas on July 24. SOURCE: Gazette

Eviction produces 4 blocks of stuff on curb in NW

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Montgomery County Daily sells first ad!

Montgomery County Daily has sold its first ad, to candidate Mike Phillips, competing against Rep. Chris Van Hollen in Maryland's Eighth District. Ads sell for $100 a month, which includes a direct link to the website of the vendor. (Preferred placement is an additional fee.)

To purchase an ad, contact Daniel Vovak at 202-367-4835 or

Building Blitz Event Kids kick-off of Habitat for Humanity Annual “Act, Speak, Build” Week

WHAT: Building Block Blitz using Lego blocks To benefit Habitat for Humanity of Montgomery County Teams of youth create fun houses out of building blocks

WHO: Youth, ages 6-14, can register as teams at $25 to register, Free and open to the public to watch & booth events.

WHEN: Sunday, September 26, 1010 Check-in: noon Event: 1pm – 3pm

WHERE: Westfield Montgomery 1701 Democracy Boulevard, Bethesda, Maryland 20817

PUBLIC CONTACT: Jessica at 301-990-0014 ext. 15

For the fourth year, Habitat for Humanity of Montgomery County, Maryland Inc’s (HFH-MC) biggest local youth event – the “Building Block Blitz,” kicks off the celebration of “Act! Speak! Build! Week” Habitat for Humanity International’s youth advocacy campaign. On Sunday, Sept. 26 approximately 30 teams of children, ages 6-18 will build homes out of building blocks to benefit HFH-MC. The event is being held at Westfield’s Montgomery, which is a sponsor of the event. Onlookers from across Montgomery County will cheer on the registered teams of two or three children wearing plastic hardhats and armed with 400 building blocks. That’s over 12,000 building blocks in busy hands, each team building a creative building block home during one hour.

The event emulates Habitat for Humanity’s celebrated ‘Blitz Builds” where numerous homes are built quickly, by round-the-clock volunteer efforts. Participants are asked for a minimum donation of $25. They will receive free t-shirts and gift bags from sponsors. Member of the community can enjoy other activities including booths such as a Habitat information table, a cookie decorating station, and a “Creativity Table” for builders of all ages. Habitat for Humanity volunteers will be on hand to answer questions and sign kids up for free membership in HFH-MC’s Youth Group. The event is open to the public, and seeks to educate youth about poverty and the need for affordable housing.

The first Building Block Blitz, held in the spring of 2006, was the idea of a local student Ben Lewis who, with the help of some friends, launched the event. HFH-MC and local students have risen over $15,000 though the Building Block Blitz since 2006 and over 300 students have been engaged in the work of HFH-MC though the event. Lewis and HFH-MC received a “Community Service Grant” from the Washington Redskins Foundation in 2006 for the inaugural event. The “Building Block Blitz Build” is sponsored by the Westfield Montgomery. Participant registrations will be accepted the day of the event, but pre-registration is encouraged. Registration and event information can be found online at

HFH-MC is an affiliate of Habitat for Humanity International and is dedicated to reducing substandard housing by providing a hand up rather than a hand out to help low-income families realize the dream of homeownership.

Baby Reed grows Montgomery County!

Clare Reed was born this afternoon at 2:36 at 9lb, 2oz, and 20”. All are doing well.

Rex Reed is a friend of mine and an aerial photographer with Amberlea Photography & Design, LLC. His website is 301.762.7214 Office. 800.781.6152


Green Party Candidate, Natasha Pettigrew, Struck On Bike By SUV Dies

UPPER MARLBORO, Md. - A young Green Party candidate running for the U.S. Senate in Maryland who was struck in a hit and run accident while bicycling has died. Maryland State Police say 30-year-old Natasha Pettigrew died early Tuesday. The Cheverly resident had been struck by an SUV in Prince George's County early Sunday morning. Police say Christy Littleford of Upper Marlboro was driving the Cadillac Escalade when she struck Pettigrew. Police say she kept driving nearly four miles to her home, even though Pettigrew's bicycle was still lodged underneath the vehicle. Police say Littleford thought she hit a deer or a dog and didn't want to stop in the early morning hours. When she and her husband found the bicycle under the SUV, they called police.

Montgomery County news blurbs

Montgomery County Police Participate in DEA's First nationwide Prescription Drug Take-Back Day ˆ The Washington Division of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) is partnering with local law enforcement agencies, government, and pubic health organizations across the county to present the first „Prescription Drug Take-Back Day.‰ The event takes place on Saturday, September 25, between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. This initiative is part of an effort to prevent the increasing problems of pill abuse and theft that are occurring nationwide.

Montgomery County Police are offering two drop-off locations to those with expired, unused, or unwanted prescription drugs. Offers with a collection box will be in the parking lots of the following police facilities: Montgomery County Police Headquarters ˆ 2350 Research Blvd., Rockville, MD The 2nd District Police Station ˆ 7359 Wisconsin Avenue, Bethesda, MD Montgomery Council Seeks Applicants for Inspector General Nominating Panel -

September 21, 2010

Chamber Honors Its Volunteers

Gaithersburg, MD (September 17, 2010) – The Gaithersburg-Germantown Chamber of Commerce (GGCC) honored its volunteers at the Business Networking after Five event on Thursday, September 16. The event will be held at and sponsored by Smokey Glen Farm Barbequers, Inc. in Gaithersburg. “Our volunteers are the backbone of the Chamber. They understand that the better our Chamber is, the more value they receive for their business and for the community. We could not do what we do without them,” stated Marilyn Balcombe, GGCC President.

The GGCC spent the evening thanking all of its member volunteers who work tirelessly to help the GGCC and support member activities. Four GGCC members were awarded for their stellar commitment and involvement with the Chamber. These four exceptional volunteers were nominated by the working committees of the Chamber for having substantially contributed to GGCC member programs and activities. They include:

Anita Anderson, BlackRock Center for the Arts. Ms. Anderson is an active participant on several committees including the Celebration Dinner committee, the CCT coalition, Germantown TaskForce, Member Programs and the Golf Committee. She is nominated for her work on the Golf Committee, a sub-committee of Events. Her dedication and support has greatly contributed to the success of the tournament.

Stuart Barr, Lerch, Early & Brewer, Chartered. Mr. Barr is nominated for his commitment towards the CCT Coalition. The CCT is a proposed light rail or bus rapid transit line that would run from the Shady Grove Metro station northwest to Clarksburg. Barr is a member of the CCT board, but his nomination stems from his planning and facilitating a CCT Status update back in May. Stuart is also an active participant on the Gaithersburg-West Task Force, Germantown Task Force and the Legislative Committee.

Tamara Clarke, Hilton Washington DC North/Gaithersburg. Ms. Clarke has been an active member of the Events Committee. Between the willingness of the Gaithersburg Hilton and her, they were able to fill a recent program void earlier this summer on short notice. Her support of the Events Committee, as a regular attendee and active participant, has greatly contributed to the vitality of the committee.

Bruce Kanner, Cartridge on Wheels. Mr. Kanner joined the Chamber in April and since then has taken an active role in the GGCC. He is nominated for his work on the Membership Committee. Bruce is dedicated to the membership committee and a huge asset in making retention and prospect phone calls.

The evening’s event further shows the Chamber’s commitment to volunteerism by giving GGCC non-profit members the opportunity to “showcase” their organizations and communicate their role in our business community. The non-profit organizations that participated included: Access Montgomery, BlackRock Center for the Arts, Breezy Acres Ministry, Inc., Gaithersburg Rotary Club, Guide Program Inc., Habitat for Humanity of Montgomery County, MD, Inc., Hospice Caring, Inc., Maryland Division of Rehabilitation Services, Montgomery Alliance, Montgomery County - Solid Waste Services, Montgomery Village Foundation, Inc., Montgomery Village Rotary Club, Montgomery Works, Shady Grove Adventist Hospital and St. Luke's House, Inc.

The Gaithersburg-Germantown Chamber of Commerce is located at 4 Professional Drive, Suite 132, Gaithersburg, MD. To see photos from the event or to learn more about Gaithersburg-Germantown Chamber visit them on the web at

PICTURE: The 2010 GGCC Exceptional Volunteers are all smiles. Pictured l:r - Anita Anderson, BlackRock Center for the Arts; Stuart Barr, Lerch, Early & Brewer, Chartered: Tamara Clarke, Hilton Washington DC North/Gaithersburg & Bruce Kanner, Cartridge on Wheels.

Former teacher at Sidwell gets probation in sex abuse case

A longtime teacher at Sidwell Friends School was placed on five years of probation Monday for fondling a 15-year-old student, the result of an earlier plea agreement with prosecutors that spared the victim from having to testify in court. Robert A. "Pete" Peterson, 65, will not serve time in jail. But he has been fired by the school, must register on Maryland's online sex offender listing and can no longer be around children without another adult present.

"I believe we're masters of our fate by the decisions that we make, and I've made some bad ones," Peterson said in court Monday, his first public comments since being charged earlier this year.

Peterson taught seventh and eighth grades at Sidwell, one of the Washington area's premiere private schools. He apologized to the victim, the victim's family and his own family. "I am truly sorry," he said, standing in a ninth-floor courtroom in Rockville. "As a teacher for over 40 years, I have often advised my students that when they've gotten into trouble or made a serious mistake, they should stand tall and face the situation directly. They should never lie or try to weasel out of the consequences. I want to live up to that principle. I intend to face the consequences, and more importantly make amends for the damage done."

Peterson earlier pleaded guilty to one count of sex abuse of a minor. SOURCE: Washington Post

September 20, 2010

The turning points: thirteen plays that stunned the 'Skins (Part 1)

Last night, the Redskins lost a 27-10 second-half lead and lost their first game of the season, 30-27 in overtime to the Houston Texans. After going back over the game and looking at video, I've identified 13 key plays that changed the course of the game from a sure Redskins win to an epic collapse. A full list of the plays, with the game situation, video (where available), and explanations of their significance, is after the jump.

1. Situation: Texans face third-and-15, own 44, 52 seconds remaining in the third quarter. Score: Washington 27, Houston 10. Play: Foster rumbles for 50 yards Facing a third-and-15 at their own 44 with the crowd on their feet, the Texans appeared to be one stymied possession away from giving up the ghost of this game. Instead, the Redskins overpursued on a pass rush, and Arian Foster, who'd been quiet up to that point, hustled past Phillip Buchanon and Lorenzo Alexander and scampered for 50 yards to the Washington 6. The perfectly set-up screen pass was the Texans' longest play of the game, a play Brian Orakpo later called "a huge turning point," and quieted FedEx Field for the first time all afternoon.

2. Situation: Texans face first-and-goal, WAS 6, 23 seconds remaining in the third quarter. Score: Washington 27, Houston 10. Play: Walter brings Houston closer. A beautifully executed bootleg by Schaub to find Kevin Walter for the touchdown. Note how Walter brushed past Lorenzo Alexander, who was overplaying the run, to get wide open in the flat just in front of Reed Doughty, who was caught in no-man's land.

3. Situation: Redskins face first-and-10, own 20, start of the fourth quarter. Score: Washington 27, Houston 17. Play: LJ goes backwards. For the rest of the plays, go to the SOURCE: TBD

Santos, Postal selected as a recipient of Gazette's Business Exceptional 53 Maryland based companies

Santos, Postal and Company P.C., CPAs, was once again selected as a recipient of The Gazette of Politics and Business Exceptional 53 Maryland based companies. SantosPostal was recognized for its exceptional growth and innovation during the past year, as well as its community service. Charles Postal, CPA and Managing Partner of SantosPostal, stated “we are thrilled to be recognized as an exceptional company. The value of our firm comes from the focus provided to our clients, staff, profession, families and community. Receiving an award for what we do naturally is merely icing on the cake”.

SantosPostal, a Certified Public Accounting and Consulting Firm, has been in business since 1971 and provides tax, audit and assurance, estate planning, wealth management, and specialized business consulting services to small and middle market businesses.

Milestone fire and rescue opens as Germantown's third station

Two years ago, Germantown was home to 86,000 residents and one fire station. That second number tripled Saturday with the debut of Milestone Fire and Rescue Station No. 34 at 20633 Boland Farm Road, the second new fire station to be built in Germantown in as many years. Kingsview Fire Station No. 22 at 18910 Germantown Road, the first new fire station in the county in more than 25 years, opened in March 2009. Milestone is already the second-busiest fire station in the county, County Councilman Michael J. Knapp said Saturday at a ribbon-cutting ceremony.

"It's fabulous," Knapp (D-Dist. 2) of Germantown said Monday. "When I got here [on the Council] eight years ago we had one in the middle of town and that's all."

Construction began in September 2009 on the $16 million, single-story building, which was designed to the U.S. Green Building Council's silver Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design standards. It has natural lighting, systems to reduce energy use and is built of regional, recycled and reused construction materials. The 22,000-square-foot station includes four drive-through apparatus bays, a community meeting room, administrative offices, a decontamination area, shop and storage areas for the county Urban Search and Rescue Team, sleeping accommodations for 20 staff and a training room that can hold 50 people. The station serves 12.7 square miles that include the Milestone, Neelsville, Fox Chapel and Middlebrook neighborhoods as well as Ridge Road Recreational Park.

"This will translate into lives saved," Fire Chief Richard Bowers said Saturday. "The importance of this fire station extends far beyond this structure." SOURCE: Gazette