March 9, 2010

Money burned on I-270

An armored truck carrying U.S. currency caught fire Friday afternoon traveling north on I-270 near Route 121. State police out of Rockville and county firefighters were called to the scene at 2:09 p.m. to help the truck’s driver and two guards, who are employed with Dunbar Armored Inc. All three men escaped without injury, according to a spokesman with the Maryland state troopers.

“We don’t know why it caught fire but it was completely engulfed in flames and we had to close 270 down for a half an hour,” said a spokesman with the state troopers. Northbound traffic was forced to use a single lane for a mile-long stretch of the highway for the next hour, until the fire was completely under control.

“Even after we put it out, we had to give the vehicle some space because whenever there is oil involved another fire can happen, but nothing like that happened this time,” said a spokesman with the state troopers. There were no explosions associated with the fire. Dunbar personnel and the U.S. Secret Service were also called to the scene, but were unavailable for comment as of Monday. No word on how much cash was being carried inside the vehicle or how it caught fire.

SOURCE: Sentinel

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