March 30, 2010

OPINION: The real drag on Montgomery's budget

Montgomery County Executive Isiah Leggett and the County Council are facing serious budget problems that will dramatically impact the quality of life for county residents. Numerous articles, letters to the editor and statements by politicians point the budget-busting finger at the unions that represent our police, firefighters, teachers and other county workers.

As a recently retired Montgomery police officer, I find these accusations insulting to the dedicated employees of this county. No one from Mr. Leggett on down has seriously addressed the No. 1 budget problem: an ever-increasing population of illegal immigrants that is rapidly depleting our tax dollars and services. Mr. Leggett and the council’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy for illegal aliens and their families has caused a huge influx of residents without “legal presence” in Montgomery County.

While these residents can no longer get a driver’s license, there are no restrictions on enrolling their children in schools, qualifying for in-county college tuition, obtaining medical, dental, mental health, prescription drug, housing, food and energy assistance, job opportunities and training, and more. Yes, there is a free lunch and a lot more in Montgomery. It’s time for Mr. Leggett and the County Council to address this major problem area of the budget. Why should dedicated employees and taxpayers of Montgomery County suffer because of the county’s ineffective approach to illegal immigration?
SOURCE: Washington Post

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