June 18, 2010

'Who Stole the Electric Car' movie hits Netflix!

I want to let everyone know of my friend in the movie business, Scott duPont, and yet another movie he has just produced: Who Stole the Electric Car? Here's the plot:

While attempting to show his girlfriend (Megan Brotherton) that he truly cares about the environment, self-absorbed Guy (Carl Fieler) ends up stealing the world's first electric car, taking a hostage (John Brody) and embarking on a wild cross-country road trip with the cops hot on his tail. This zany comedy inspired by the documentary Who Killed the Electric Car? co-stars Chris Shields as Guy's vegetarian sidekick.

Put it on your Netflix queue! To interview Scott duPont, call 407-738-1608 or email him at ScottDup@juno.com.

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