August 30, 2010

Vovak defeats Leggett in Americans for Prosperity ranking

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, MARYLAND -- Daniel Vovak, a candidate for Montgomery County Executive has defeated Ike Leggett in an important ranking by a non-partisan group. Americans for Prosperity (AFP) has released its rankings for county and state candidates, with Vovak placing in the top position on the list of 69 Democrat, Republican, and Independent candidates appearing in the voter guide, which will be distributed to tens of thousands of local voters. Americans for Prosperity is a grassroots organization committed to educating citizens about economic policy and mobilizing them to advocate for policies that promote continued prosperity for all Americans.

"I believe that the views expressed by this year's candidates indicate more than just a shift in our political landscape – their passion and resolve may inspire a turning point for America," said AFP Montgomery County chairman Dan Grossberg, adding that the new AFP Voters Guide will provide concerned Marylanders with "significant educational tools" that will lead to more informed decisions at the ballot box.

Vovak, of Bethesda, received the highest ranking of any candidate for Montgomery County Executive, shown by his B+ ranking and Ike Leggett's F. Vovak's ranking even trumps that of long-time Republican activist Robin Ficker, who received the grade of B from AFP. Similar to Ficker, former Governor Bob Ehrlich was also given a B grade, both less than Vovak's B+.

Daniel Vovak……….B+
Ike Leggett……….F
Robin Ficker……….B
Bob Ehrlich……….B

The AFP Voters Guide, now available online at, is a side-by-side comparison of candidates' views that allows voters to quickly determine where candidates stand on important issues ranging from taxes, spending and health care to energy policy and government transparency. Information in the guide is based on candidates' responses to an AFP questionnaire and on incumbent voting records. Every effort was made to ensure the highest possible participation by candidates. Hard copies of the questionnaires, along with self-addressed, postage paid return envelopes, were mailed to all candidates on July 8, 2010. In addition, phone calls to those candidates who had not yet responded were made by AFP volunteers during the last week of July to make sure all candidates had the opportunity to let the voters know where they stand on these important issues. Candidates who did not respond and who do not have a voting record were omitted.

"We are committed to empowering voters with facts that will inspire them to make informed choices at the voting booth," said Ed Amatetti of AFP MOCO, who explained that "the real test will come after the election when the organization plans to hold candidates who are elected accountable for their campaign promises to reduce taxes and government spending."

Americans for Prosperity's mission is to promote fiscal responsibility, accountability, transparency, and responsiveness to the voters from our government and elected officials. AFP has more than a million activists in all 50 states, as well as 30 state chapters and affiliates. You can learn more about AFP at The Montgomery County chapter's website is .

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Anonymous said...

"with Vovak placing in the top position on the list of 69 Democrat, Republican, and Independent candidates appearing in the voter guide, "

How do you figure? Because your race with Ike Leggett was first on this page?