November 18, 2010

Discovery Communications to reopen Discovery Garden in Silver Spring on weekends

The Discovery Garden in Silver Spring, a public park that closed in early September in response to a hostage crisis at Discovery Communications, will reopen immediately during daylight hours on weekends only, according to a statement from the company on Tuesday. Discovery plans to file an amendment to its site agreement with the Montgomery County Planning Department in the next few weeks to make modest changes to the Discovery Garden, said Tammy Shea, vice president of corporate communications for Discovery. The company, which did not detail what the changes would be, also plans to reopen its public lobby.

An independent firm hired by Discovery completed a security assessment soon after James J. Lee entered the headquarters Sept. 1 waving a starter pistol and wearing metallic canisters strapped to his body. Lee took three men hostage and was fatally shot by law enforcement officers. The independent firm identified a number of adjustments that should be made to the lobby and Discovery Garden to guarantee the safety of Discovery's employees, the children in the on-site daycare center and the public, according to the statement. SOURCE: Gazette

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