November 22, 2010

Germantown Motorcyclist Dies Near Great Seneca Highway

GERMANTOWN, MD-- (WUSA) Larry Talley of Germantown lost control of his 2004 Suzuki motorcycle Saturday afternoon while he was riding on Mateny Road near the intersection of Great Seneca Highway. The 33 year old died from the injuries he sustained after falling off the bike and possibly striking his head against a parked van. Montgomery County police say Talley was not wearing a helmet and did not have a license to operate a motorcycle at the time of the crash.

Police are waiting for a final accident reconstruction report to determine how fast Talley was travelling before he lost control or what caused him to do so. The riderless Suzuki travelled several hundred feet, struck two vehicles and came to a rest by a light pole on Great Seneca Highway. No one in the cars was hurt. Neighbors who live near the accident scene tell 9 NEWs NOW that many vehicles, including motorcycles, drive much faster than the posted 50 miles per hour limit along that stretch of Great Seneca Highway which is now bordered by townhomes. They say more traffic signals are needed to slow traffic down and avoid future traffic accidents and deaths. SOURCE: WUSA

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