November 23, 2010

MoCo Council to receive briefing on budget issues

WASHINGTON - Montgomery County officials this week are expected to learn how their jurisdiction got to the point of facing a projected shortfall of roughly $200 million. The Office of Legislative Oversight will release its executive summary this week detailing what led the county to calling for furloughs, leaving vacant positions unfilled and exploring even deeper spending cuts.

County Council President Nancy Floreen and Vice President Valerie Ervin will hold a briefing on the issue Monday. And as the county grapples with budget problems, officials also must decide how to deal with a recent funding issue. Voters this month rejected ambulance fees backed by County Executive Ike Leggett. Leggett has said the proposal would have brought in $14 million, and the county will have to make up the money in some other way. SOURCE: WTOP

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