November 4, 2010

Vovak calls for Kane 'governor race' retraction, before 2050

According to the Baltimore Sun, Maryland Lt. Governor candidate Mary Kane believes Republicans will not win a Maryland governor race until 2050. Kane is the former Maryland Secretary of State and the wife of John Kane, who was Maryland Republican Chairman from 2002 to 2006.

"I don't know if we are going to see another [Republican governor of Maryland] in the next 40 years," said Mary Kane, his running mate. "It is a shame."

The quote appeared on November 3 within a story entitled "End of an era for Ehrlich, Maryland Republicans: State GOP leaders worry about permanent minority status."

Daniel Vovak, an at-large member of the Montgomery County Republican Party Central Committee was disappointed in the statement from Bob Ehrlich's right-hand pick. Vovak says, "There isn't a doubt in my mind that someday Bob Ehrlich is going to stand next to another Maryland governor and it will be long before he is 92, because new Republican leaders will emerge. Bob Ehrlich is an excellent politician but lost because he was supported in 2010 by a weak Maryland Republican Party. Even when the Baltimore Orioles finished dead last in 2009, the franchise didn't write-off future victories. Therefore, I ask that Mary Kane retracts her quote and apologizes before Doug Gansler thanks her by sending Kane a bouquet of roses."


Red Montgomery said...

I agree with you. Also in 2006 the GOP in the House was suppose to be out for 40 years as well.

Maryland has moved forward under Republican Governors; Friendship Int'l Airport (BWI) was constructed by a Republican Gov. the University of Maryland College Park, a Republican Bought the College of Agriculture and established the Univ of MD Flagship campus; The Baltimore Beltway, DC Beltway, Route 50 and the BW Parkway all invisioned by Republican Gov. McKeldon; The ICC Gov. Ehrlich.

Dems talk a good game about moving MD FWD, but have no track record, Dems what have they done Ban Guns, Make Abortion on Demand and raised Taxes.

In 4 years MD some MD Dems might be fed up with O'Malley's Tax Increases and If we have a Good Candidate like EJ Pipkin or Larry Hogan we can win!

One thing MD Republicans need to start looking at 2014 today not in December of 2013 or Jan of 2014. The Dems start working against us from Day 1. We wait until the next election year. In late 2006 Barack O'Bama already started running for President as did Clinton and many others.

WAKE UP MD REPUBLICANS WE NEED TO take the fight to the Dems; We need to have candidates running in every district!

Daniel Vovak said...

Maybe you could be a contributor on this blog!

Red Montgomery said...

I'd love to, i have a commentary i am working on, is just a draft right now