March 24, 2011

About Rep. Chris van Hollen's town hall meeting

Here is a comment I received in my mailbox yesterday regarding Rep. Chris van Hollen's telephone town meeting yesterday. I also received a phone call but did not attend the meeting.

About 20 minutes ago I got (out of the blue) a phone call "inviting" me to join a Van Hollen telephone townhall. At the moment he's droning on with one of about four shills I've heard so far. (Right now arguing against cutting any federal funds to Metro transit.)

There was one good question -- about the sustainability of medicare, and suggesting some small co-pays, which VH squirmed about. Immediately the next caller -- an obvious shill -- objected to that concern. Van Hollen's droned on and on with that softball, as illustrative of how important revenue is is "solving" these problems. Right now he's entertaining yet another shill about how awful it is that public employees are under attack.

Interesting that this "townhall" conflicts with Ike Leggett's townhall tonight in Kensington. Having googled it and looking at his website I see nothing about letting folks know he's holding this apparently impromptu townhall. I guess invitations are random?

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