March 14, 2011

MCPS budget for 2011-2012 will require job cuts, increased class sizes

MCPS superintendent Jerry Weast sent an e-mail to county teachers March 4 discussing the most recent budget changes for the next school year, which could potentially save a total of $45,139,860. In the e-mail, Weast detailed the possible job cuts and ways to reduce the number of teaching jobs. Possible actions include increases in class size, reductions of media and security assistants and reduced funding for high school athletics.

“I want to be clear that while we hope that we will not have to make any of these reductions, we must deal with the reality of the situation before us and provide staff and principals ample opportunity to make plans and adjustments,” Weast wrote.

An increase in class size — one student per class at elementary and middle schools and .4 at high schools — would result in the elimination of 168.4 teacher positions. There is also a possibility that 9.75 of the 58.3 composition assistant positions in high schools will be cut, according to Weast’s e-mail. Not only will teachers be directly affected but consequently students as well, due to an elimination of three percent increase for inflation for textbooks and instructional materials.

For high school students participating in after-school activities, the after-school buses will also be eliminated, requiring those students to arrange their own transportation home. SOURCE: Black & White

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