April 26, 2011

Takoma Park battles for tax rebate money from county

t's that time of year again: Takom Park is vying with the county council to be reimbursed for the city's police service.

This year, city officials say the county owes Takoma Park an additional $352,947 in police tax credit for Fiscal Year 2012, because the city's residents pay taxes that go to the county police department even though the city pays for its own police.

Takoma Park is the only city in the county that staffs its own police force and does not have any added county police presence. Every year, the city asks the county to pay back the money the county would have had to spend on a police presence in Takoma Park.

Mayor Bruce Williams testified before the Montgomery County Council during a public hearing April 5. He and City Manager Barbara Burns Matthews also met with the county Government Operations and Fiscal Policy committee April 11.

For Fiscal Year 2007, the county agreed to freeze Takoma Park's police tax rebate at $2.32 million, Matthews said. However, the rebate was cut to $1.97 million in Fiscal Year 2011, a total loss to the city of about $348,000. SOURCE: Gazette

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