June 3, 2010

Frost Middle School principal apologizes for kids who baked in sun

ROCKVILLE, Md. - Hundreds of students were left stuck in the hot sun for hours last Wednesday and now some parents in Montgomery County (web | news) are up-in-arms. EMS crews treated dozens for dehydration at Robert Frost Middle School in Rockville. wednesday night, parents looked for answers at a meeting at the school.

"This was an unusually incident. I regret that it that it happened," Jones told them.

Last Wednesday, a bomb threat forced the entire student body to evacuate the building. School officials say they didn't walk students to nearly Wooton High School, which is only a half-mile away, because they were told the scare would only last about 30 minutes. But bomb-sniffing dogs showed up late, exposing more than 1,000 children to temperatures in the high 80s for a couple hours.

"My kid came home miserable, sunburned, dehydrated, starving," said parent Tasha Museles.

Fire officials say while no one was hospitalized, two dozen children were treated at the scene for heat-related illnesses like dehydration and dizziness.

"Common sense has to take over after about a half hour sitting out in 85 degree heat with no water," said parent John Wright.

Parent Cheryl Callahan added, "I just think they didn't plan well...the temperature was really hot, they had no backup water, kids hadn't eaten." School officials admitted at a meeting with parents that they didn't provide enough water or shade for students. They assured parents that improvements in communication and planning are underway.

"I am sincerely sorry for any adverse impact upon your children. My number one priority is their safety and security," said Jones.

School officials say one of the first things they'll do is get more bottled water on site in the event students are forced outside again. The bomb threat was a hoax. That case remains under investigation. SOURCE: Channel 8

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