August 23, 2010

District 39 Delegate Candidate Pettit Announces Fundraiser Event with Scott, Sauerbrey

GAITHERSBURG, MD, August 23, 2010- District 39 Delegate candidate Jim Pettit announced today that Maryland GOP Chair Audrey Scott and Ambassador Ellen Sauerbrey will attend an August 26 fundraising event at the home of Gaithersburg City Councilman Henry Marraffa.

“I am very proud to have Audrey Scott and Ellen Sauerbrey here at the same time and the same place,” said Pettit. “These individuals have a stellar record in public service and are outstanding political and business leaders, and now they are helping others continue their legacy.” Ellen Sauerbrey, a two-time GOP nominee for Governor, went on to serve as U.S. Representative to the United Nations Commission on Women with the rank of Ambassador, then becoming U.S. Assistant Secretary of State. Sauerbrey is now the co-chair of Maryland Business for Responsive Government with former Governor Marvin Mandel, and is Campaign Chair for Andy Harris for Congress. She served in the Maryland House of Delegates from 1978 to 1994.

Audrey Scott is the Chair of the Maryland Republican Party. Scott served in the Ehrlich Administration as Secretary of Planning, and as an elected official in Prince George's County - serving on the county council and as Mayor of Bowie. A three-term Mayor, she was President of the Maryland Municipal League.

“We are long overdue in improving Maryland’s business climate,” said Gaithersburg City Councilman Henry Marraffa. “Montgomery County has been under one-party monopoly rule for too long and it’s time for some new ideas among our elected officials. The alternative is continued job loss, a shrinking tax base and reduced services for the foreseeable future.”

Marraffa, the only elected official in Montgomery County who is a Republican, has represented Gaithersburg on the city council since 1995. Pettit is running to bring fiscal responsibility to Annapolis and improve Montgomery County’s employment base. Republicans last held district 39 seats in 1999.

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