August 22, 2010

Murphy and Jenkins Hold First Townhall on Illegal Immigration; Announce Details For Next Event

Frederick, MD – This past evening, Brian Murphy, Republican Candidate for Governor of Maryland, Mike Ryman, Candidate for Lt Governor, and Maryland law enforcement stalwart, Frederick Sheriff Chuck Jenkins, held their first townhall on illegal immigration. This past evening’s event, open to the public and attended by approximately 100 concerned citizens and several members of the media, was held at Frederick's American Legion Post #11.

After the Pledge of Allegiance, Mike Ryman, Murphy's pick for Lt Governor, began the evening by discussing the Murphy/Ryman Administration's intent to root out waste, fraud and abuse. Next, Sheriff Jenkins spoke about Program 287(g), the pressing problems of illegal immigration in Maryland, and his support for Murphy's candidacy. Murphy rounded out the evening by thanking Ryman for his vision and willingness to serve, and commended Jenkins for his leadership in addressing this pressing problem. Murphy also reaffirmed his commitment to balance the budget, without raising taxes, and his commitment to work with Sheriff Jenkins to bring about Program 287(g) state-wide.

Sheriff Jenkins has thrown his support behind Brian Murphy over Murphy's primary opponent, Bob Ehrlich, because of Murphy’s firm commitment to work with Sheriff Jenkins in implementing Program 287(g) statewide. Murphy has been in the forefront of the Governor's race in acknowledging the size of the illegal immigration problem in Maryland, and for proposing specific solutions to address it.

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What the hell is "Illegal Illigration"?