September 30, 2010

Chipotle coming to Kensington

John Kelly, columnist for the Washington Post, and fellow MoCo resident, reports today that Chipotle will be arriving soon at the Kensington Shopping Center. Kelly contrasts the national chain with family-owned Continental Pizza, located in the same shopping center on Connecticut Avenue. Continental’s owners worry that the pizzeria may face stiff competition from the burrito purveyor.

It seems to us that burritos and pizza are different food that can peacefully coexist in the same small shopping center, particularly given the present dearth of eateries in Kensington. It is not as if Continental was the sole restaurant in the shopping center; there is already a Chinese restaurant (Hong Kong Kensington) too.

What do you think? Is Chipotle good for Kensington or the death knell for Continental?

P.S.: The strangest part of this story appears to be that the impetus for Chipotle’s arrival in Kensington was, in some part, due to a Facebook campaign spearheaded by state Delegate Al Carr. Other than Betty White appearing on SNL, this has to be the only time that sending out a demand to the Facebook universe has led to actual concrete action. SOURCE: What's Up Wheaton

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