September 29, 2010

Vovak questions Wash. Post poll with Ehrlich losing 52-41

BETHESDA, MARYLAND – Daniel Vovak, an at-large member-elect of the Montgomery County Republican Central Committee has questioned the results of the latest poll of the rematch of former Governor Bob Ehrlich and Governor Martin O'Malley. Vovak, a former journalist who has built his career on being media-friendly, has made a rare decision to question the validity of The Washington Post poll, conducted by The Washington Post, long known to have integrity as a news organization.

Vovak said, "As most of you already know, today The Washington Post released a poll that states that Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley is defeating former Governor Bob Ehrlich 52-41 among likely voters. However, there are a few points in this poll that really must be questioned. The foremost point is that 1,448 adults were interviewed, though only 1,196 were registered voters. Why would non-voters be considered as having validity in this poll unless The Washington Post is begging for blatant voter fraud? Further, the poll claims that Ehrlich attracts a mere 27% of Montgomery County voters. There is no way imaginable that that number is true using November reality!"

Vovak encourages other media outlets to also poll the race, believing that no other poll will equal the same results in Montgomery County.

Vovak added, "Yesterday I volunteered at Ehrlich headquarters again and the flow of volunteers literally never ended and I was there for over two hours. Plus, there isn't a doubt in my mind that Katja Bullock [who is managing Ehrlich's Montgomery County headquarters] would agree with me in saying that those numbers for Ehrlich in Montgomery County are just bogus."

Montgomery County is Maryland's largest county for registered voters and is also the number one county in Maryland for registered Republicans.

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