September 11, 2010

Senator Mathias endorses Neil Cohen for U.S. Senator

POTOMAC, MARYLAND – U.S. Senator Mac Mathias (who represented Maryland from 1969 – 1987 as a Republican) has endorsed Dr. Neil Cohen, a Republican candidate for U.S. Senator in Maryland, according to a statement by Daniel Vovak, a candidate for Montgomery County Executive. Senator Mac Mathias was a moderate senator who unseated incumbent Daniel Brewster in 1968 until retiring from office. Thereafter, his seat has been held by Senator Barbara Mikulski. Ironically, Mikulski's only loss was to Mac Mathias in 1974 when Mathias, a moderate, convincingly defeated Mikulski, a liberal, in left-leaning Maryland. (Mathias won 57% to 43%.) Therein, it is believed that moderate Republicans can win in state-wide general elections, though first they must win Republican primaries, which are filled with conservative candidates.

"Mathias' influence still lives in my candidacy," says Cohen, a dentist, whose campaign website includes a personal photo of himself with George H.W. Bush. Cohen's campaign has also received a pseudo-endorsement from, a website operated by David Frum. Frum was President George W. Bush's economic speechwriter.

In January, Vovak was considering running for U.S. Senator but abandoned his effort following a conversation with Senator Mathias, an avowed moderate. Vovak says, "I called the senator and asked him for his endorsement and he asked me if I was a moderate, and I said I wasn't. That's when he explained to me that he now considered Barbara Mikulski to be a friend of his. He also said that the only way he would support a Republican in a primary would be if he was a moderate but that in Maryland only conservatives won primaries." Soon thereafter, Mathias died.

"If Mathias was alive I believe he would whole-heartedly support my endeavor," said Cohen, the only moderate running in the U.S. Senate primary.

In all, there are eleven Republicans vying to defeat Barbara Mikulski: Joseph Alexander, Barry Steve Asbury, Neil Cohen, Stephens Dempsey,
Samuel Graham Sr., John Kimble,
Gregory Kump, Daniel McAndrew, Jim Rutledge,
Eddie Vendetti, and Eric Wargotz.

Neil Cohen can be contacted at 301-523-7764 or
NOTE: This story has minor edits from its initial release.


Anonymous said...

yay. Neil Cohen has been endorsed by a dead moderate who was a friend of Barbara Mikulski.

This is news?

No, apparently, the real news is that Daniel Vovak believes that he can channel/speak to dead people.

Anonymous said...

roflmao..Democrats allow dead people to vote..

Anonymous said...

...but they don't think that they actually exist/can endorsed/can be channeled.

If you really wanted to make news, Vovak, you should have channeled someone more interesting.

Who would Spiro Agnew endorse? Or Francis Scott Key? Or Edgar Allen Poe?