September 10, 2010

Vovak warns Steele that Ehrlich could lose because Uncapher supports party-switcher

CAPTION: Daniel Vovak, candidate for Montgomery County Executive, warns Republican National Chairman Michael Steele that Bob Ehrlich could lose the Maryland governor race because Montgomery County Chairman Mark Uncapher supports a party-switcher. Vovak has called for Uncapher to resign. Vovak's website is

Vovak says, "As Maryland Republican Chairman Audrey Scott complains about O'Malley fiddling, Maryland Republicans are about to get burned. My opponent has no written record anywhere of him supporting a pro-Republican position."

Montgomery County is the largest voting county in Maryland and has the second most registered Republicans, second to Baltimore County.


Anonymous said...

Wait - let me get this straight...

Bob Ehrlich is going to lose because the Central Committee Chairman in MONTGOMERY COUNTY supports a "party switcher"?

And this make sense why?

First of all, Brian Murphy is a party-switcher. So the idea that people would dump Ehrlich for a party-switcher is insane.

Second, Brian Murphy remains a virtual unknown in Montgomery County - while Bob, not only well-known and liked for his sensible approach to governance, has also appointed Montgomery County resident Mary Kane to be his running mate. You think MoCo is going to turn its back on Bob and Mary simply because of something Mark Uncapher has done? How many people in Montgomery county even know who Mark Uncapher is?

Third, YOU have no record supporting a Republican position. Ever. In fact, your record is replete with examples of your support for Democrats over Republicans - in fact, you've based your entire campaign for County Executive on just that fact. Your promise to appoint a key Democrat to your #2 slot, your decision to completely mimic Martin O'Malley's campaign posters... these are not things that a Republican does.

Finally, you "warned" Steele, when? When that picture was taken? Where and when was that picture taken?

Anonymous said...

Blog's awfully silent today, Vovy...