November 11, 2010

Closing Metro Train Doors Separate Infant From Mother on Platform

HYATTSVILLE, Md. - An infant was left behind alone on a Metro train as the doors abruptly closed at the West Hyattsville station, leaving the infant’s mother behind on the platform. Passengers on board are raising questions about how Metro reacted.

"I am sitting there with sick feeling in my stomach. We're in shock that something like this could happen," said Barbara Runion, who witnessed it the entire incident.

It was panic from Metro passengers as the ‘Doors Closing’ chime sounded during rush hour on the Green Line Wednesday morning.

"A mother with a stroller attempted to board the train. The stroller got in, the mother didn't. The door slammed on the mother and she couldn't get in. She was banging on the glass door," said Runion.

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