November 10, 2010

Red Montgomery: A Look at the Future of the Republican Party of Ma...

Red Montgomery: A Look at the Future of the Republican Party of Ma...: "The other day in the Baltimore Sun, Mary Kane, Candidate for Lt. Governor this past election cycle proclaimed that Maryland won’t elect anot..."


Anonymous said...

Interesting, but seemingly a rather narrow view of the GOP and fundamental lack of understanding of Maryland state-wide. I think the author of that posting likely is not familiar with Baltimore, Montgomery, or Prince George's and what it takes to win.

Red Montgomery said...

I am a Life Long Marylander Ii am not a Carpet Bagger as many who are in this great state. No, i am very familiar with PG County, MoCo and Baltimore City. Likely i understand Maryland better than you. This past election cycle the Republican running in 4 received 6% more of the vote than any other GOP candidate ever before.

Explain where you come up with Narrow view of the GOP? I have attended many of Mr. Morton Blackwell’s Leadership Institute schools. I have heard about Republicans winning in Blue areas many times across the country. There is no reason we can’t do the same in Maryland. Again the problems we lose is because our Republicans like Dan Campos, Carol Bowis and other runs as squishes! They don’t run as Republicans. As a student of History Ellen Sauerbrey ran in 1994 as a Conservative four years later she ran as a squish and lost! Every candidate running in Maryland should Take Grover Norquist’s “Taxpayer Protection Pledge” they should go to Grovers, they need to embrace conservative ideals, pose to sounding like Democrats. HOW HAS THAT WORKED OUT FOR SQUISHES IN MARYLAND?

The GOP can win in Maryland and I understand this state better than most!

Anonymous said...

How many of your so called "conservatives" have been successful in the big three?? (Prince George's (it's more respectful than "PG") Montgomery and Baltimore City)

Who is Moton Blackwell?? Is he FROM Maryland?? My guess, probably not, which means he understands it as well as you do!

The problem with the party here is the ideologues like yourself who impose litmus tests on people and seek to purge out the diversity of thought and real debate.

I am not sure what a "squish" is...but I guess you would classify successful Republicans like Jean Cryor, Jean Roesser, Nancy Dacek, Howie Denis, Connie Morella, and Charles Mathias in that category too because they were representative of their constituents and WON elections. I am surprised you don't classify Bob Ehrlich as "not Republican enough" because he takes some positions that don't fit within your narrow mold.

Daniel Vovak said...

I think the word squish mean "RINO" in the context of the above post. And, yes, those RINOs did win. I wonder when the last conservative Republican was elected in Montgomery County.

Red Montgomery said...

One a SQUISH is a RINO, AKA Sen. Lindsey Graham, Sen. John McCain, Sen. Lisa Murkowski, Rep. Mike Castle, Gov. Schwartzanager, and yes, Sen. Jean Cryor, Councilwoman Nancy Dacek, Rep. Connie Morella and Sen. Mac Mathias, Sen. Denis are all squishes. Sen. Rosser wasn’t a squish, and Howie least in the early days my Granddad tells me he actually held the line against Schaefernomics.

Morton Blackwell is Chairman and founder of the Leadership Institute; he was the youngest delegate to the 1964 GOP Convention as a Goldwater Delegate from Democrat Controlled Louisiana. Morton also got the very first Republican Governor elected in Kentucky. He has gotten more Republicans elected in long shot races than I can count. Bob wasn’t a squish, he received over 90% ratings from the ACU and ATR, Connie Morella nor did Sen. Mac Mathias ever get anything close to 90%.

I remember when PG County had a Conservative Congressman Larry Hogan Sr., Maryland can elect Conservatives. When moderates refuse to support conservatives that is when we lose. Conservatives year after year after year voted for Connie Morella, what did she do to thank us? She would take her finger and go out of her way to poke us in the eye with it. What did moderates do in Alaska they didn’t support the Republican same in Delaware. So, we have tried thing your way in Maryland for years how did that work for you guys?

Anonymous said...

Wow. That's all I can say.

Lindsey Graham is a RINO??????? Give me a break. He's a RINO because he believes in working across party lines...gee, that's terrible!

John McCain - you all in the right wing say he's a RINO, but I just don't see it -- basically you hold the McCain/Kennedy and McCain/Feingold legislation against him and ignore the rest.

I bet MINORITY leader McConnell shares your opinion regarding Senator Murkowski (btw when she the vote count stops and she WILL be re-elected, be prepared to eat cake).

And Mike Castle, say what you will, but I believe he would have been a vote for McConnell for Majority Leader... Witchcraft O'Donnell sure gave Coons a run for his money... NOT.

The rest of these former electeds are very respectable and represented their constituents well. Label them as you wish.

How is running your purist conservative way working out for us in Maryland? By and large, a vast majority of the candidates in the big three were very conservative, but to my recollection, no R won...

Easy for you to talk poorly about Connie Morella, yet she had the respect of everyone, Democrat, Republican, or Independent. She usually could be counted on towards a vote for speaker which the 8th district doesnt.

Dominance in the western part of the state and pockets spread throughout, that's not much of a statewide foundation if you ask me. Your Morton Blackwell approach and strategy might do wonders in places like Carroll County but good luck in the most populous areas of the state!

Red Montgomery said...
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Red Montgomery said...

Lindsey Graham is a RINO (My Dad tells me he once had great respect for Lindsey Graham when he was in the House) Lindsey Graham supports Amnesty, he doesn’t want enforce the rule of LAW in the US Illegal Aliens are Illegal. John McCain it is more than McCain-Feingold or McCain – Kennedy… John McCain is an opportunist, has been and always will be. Only reason he got the nomination in 2008 is because Democrats crossed over in open primaries and voted for John McCain. Mike Castle would have been a disaster he would have thumbed his nose at the Republicans and voted for the Dems. Bottom line he lost the primary he should have endorsed Christine O’Donnell the next day; however like Lisa Murkowski he opted not to do so. However if he had won Christine O’Donnell would have endorsed him. Tell me why is it that when we win elections the RINOs play sore losers, while when a RINO wins we have to all rally around him. We did for John McCain I wonder would the RINOs have rallied around Gov. Romney or Sen. Thompson or Gov. Huckabee.
As for Connie Morella being respected by Democrats and Republicans, I find it hard to believe that many Reagan Republicans loved Connie. Connie was the only Republican who had to be asked by the White House to support President Bush’s tax cuts, not even liberals like former Senator Arlen Spector, Former Reps, Chris Shays, Wayne Gilchrest ha to be talked to in that manner. BTW we did have solid Conservative running in MD-1 we did win that seat back. District one includes parts of Baltimore County.

So, to answer your question about my purists agenda we got JB Jennings Elected in Baltimore County, David Marks in Baltimore County, Rep. Elect Andy Harris, Just Ready, and others.

As for this past cycle who were these red meat Conservatives running in Montgomery County? I endorsed many of the Candidates running like Don Irvine, Jerry Cave, and other please look here to see my endorsements ( ) I also endorsed that RINO who voted for John Kerry and voted for Tax Increases Eric Wargotz.

Morton Blackwell’s approach works everywhere. We had some of the most moderate candidates running how did they work out? Dan Campos who ran as like Jeannemarie Devolites Davis, how did that work out for him? How did it work out for her in Virginia she lost to a pro-gun, pro-life Democrat. Carol Bowis ran as a Moderate she got her head handed to her. How did our County Executive Candidate work out? Bottom line we have been nominating liberal republicans for years in Montgomery County, how has that worked out for us?

Tell me please what good is voting for Republican if he is going to Annapolis, Rockville or Washington to vote like a Democrat? If I want that why wouldn’t I just vote Democrat? Also please tell what are the differences between the two parties? Republicans we are the Party of Tax Cuts and a Small Government! Democrats are the Party of Big Spending, Big Government.

Anonymous said...

Stop using Rush Limbagh talking points...

Can you find where anywhere that Senator Graham stated he doesn't want to enforce the rule of law? He is a veteran, former prosecutor and current member of JAG Corps in the Air Force Reserve.

Senator McCain is an American hero. He won the 2008 nomination because he served his country honorably in the United States Navy and has continued to do so as an elected public servant.

You missed the point on Congressman Castle. Christine O'Donnell and the Palin crew cost the Republicans the majority in the Senate with their choices of unelectable candidates. If they hadn't, Harry Reid would have been sent packing after this election.

I will be thrilled when the vote count ends and Senator Murkowski is proclaimed the victor, and the Joe Miller clan will be drinking the Palin kool-aide.

Moderates would have supported any of those candidates you mention. Btw, I find it very interesting you classify Senator McCain as an opportunist yet seem to hold former Governor Romney in such high regard. As Governor of MA, he was very much a moderate and only pandered to the right to satisfy the right wing for the primary election for the presidency. That's not opportunistic at all, is it?

Senator Thompson is a good man and had he run a more worthwhile and energetic campaign, he might have become the nominee.

Red meat conservatives? I would go with probably everyone on your endorsement list with the exception of Governor Ehrlich who is a moderate.

You're citing examples of Baltimore COUNTY, not City. Senator-elect Jennings won in D-7 which is Andy Harris' old seat -- Harris, arguably the most far right wing legislator in Annapolis, thus it is more than safe to say that district can surely not be considered a Democratic stronghold.

I reviewed David Marks website, nothing really identifies him as a Republican and he could just as easily be a Democrat or Independent.

CD-1 would never have gone Democrat, not even for two years, if Harris hadn't run against Congressman Gilchrest. CD-1 which is mostly the eastern shore went safely for John McCain and George Bush in 08 and 04 respectively. Not a huge surprise that Harris won this year.

Justin Ready's district is a conservative stronghold overwhelmingly in Carroll County. He replaced a retiring Republican delegate, hardly an example of conservatives winning in Democrat strongholds.

The candidates of whom you seem to disapprove of who ran for federal office, state legislature, or County Executive all ran on the core Party issues of fiscal discipline and limited, more efficient government.

I did not know "tax cuts" were an official tenet of the Republican Party...Good one Morton!

FYI - The Republican Party is the party of fiscal discipline, limited government, personal responsibility, and a strong national defense.

Red Montgomery said...

If all the people you mentioned were great Fiscal Disciplined why didn't any of those guys take Grover Norquist’s Taxpayer Protection Pledge? Tell me why? Only MOCO candidates that took that pledge were Don Irvine, Dwight Patel, Jean Allen

Lindsey Graham was part of the Gang of 10 along with John McCain. They prevented the Republican leadership from using the “Constitutional Option” aka “Nuclear Option” Do you really think it would do us any good to have majority with light weights like Castle who plays with Democrats? Castle would not of voted for the repeal of Obama Care! That is the most important issue facing the republic we have to turn back the Communist agenda of Reid, Pelosi and Obama! We can’t have collaborators. As for Lisa Murkowski she is trying to change the rules on the recount. Alaska law says the name has to be spelled correctly not Mercowsky however Murkowski want’s that counted for her. She knew the rules, now she is changing the rules to benefit her.

FYI I am not a Palin fan she is a babbling idiot who is NO RONALD REAGAN. However Mark Levin is right when he says we can’t have these apologists who want to cave into Democrats and call it bi-partisanship. Ellen Saurbrey ran as a Conservative in 1994, granted that was when I was one years old then however I must say looking back she ran as a conservative and they stole the election from her. Then Four years later she ran as a squish and she lost! What does that tell you? Bob always scored 85+ on the ACU and ATR score cards of vote ratings. Bob’s last year in congress he received a 95.

Tell me how have these moderate Republicans done for us in MOCO?

David Marks is a Conservative.

Also forgot to answer Mr. Vovak, when was the last time MOCO had a Conservative Candidate on ballot?

Daniel Vovak said...

There are always conservative candidates on the ballot in MOCO. When was the last time a conservative Republican candidate won in MOCO? Also, who was the last conservative Democrat to win in MOCO?

Anonymous said...

Red, you endorsed all of the conservative candidates in Moco!

Red Montgomery said...

Please name the Conservative that was on the ballott, the local party has shunned Conservatives who have run or stabbed them in back, or discouraged them from running. The local party is made up of Carpet Baggers.

Last Conservative to run state wide was Alan Keyes and he did better than wargotz, and wargotz was a squish, RINO who voted for tax increases when he was on county council.