March 11, 2011

Leggett spends $160k for longtime political ally

Montgomery County Executive Ike Leggett's office is spending nearly $160,000 annually on salary and benefits for a longtime political ally and former County Council member to head a commission that meets four times a year.

Budget documents reviewed by The Washington Examiner show that the county is doling out $158,464 in compensation to Michael Subin, executive director of the county's Criminal Justice Coordinating Commission, which is tasked with "coordinating communication" among Montgomery's law enforcement agencies. Subin sat on the County Council with Leggett 25 years ago and has remained a steadfast supporter of the suburb's top elected official since leaving the body after two decades.

Leggett has rejected calls to eliminate the position even though the panel is not required to issue a single report in a given year and although the post formerly was filled by county workers with other responsibilities -- and the county faces a gaping hole in next fiscal year's budget.

"The additional loss of another position would further compromise my staff's ability to fulfill the mission of the county executive's office," Leggett wrote in a memo. "The executive director position must be a high-level, appointed position, directly representing the county executive." SOURCE: Washington Examiner

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