March 11, 2011

Weaton Couple given 45 years in murder

Their plan was as twisted as it was tragic: I'll invite my ex-boyfriend over for sex; you jump out from behind a tree with an ice pick. The killing - delivered with five blows to the back, eight to the chest - led a Montgomery County judge on Thursday to sentence a husband and wife each to 45 years in prison.

"Let me ask you a question, if I can," Judge Joseph Dugan said to the husband, Moises Rodriguez, probing for some kind of explanation. "How did you get past the fact that you were going to take the life of a good, hardworking man that had a little girl that needed a daddy? When you were hiding behind that tree, about to do what you did, did you not think of any of that stuff?"

Rodriguez, who turns 21 Friday, told the judge he was manipulated by his wife, 23, and that he wanted only to hurt the ex-boyfriend, not kill him. If so, Dugan asked, why not stop after the first strike? "You could have gone, 'My God, I just put an ice pick in this guy,' " the judge said. SOURCE: Washington Post

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