April 11, 2011

Staff Recommendations for Changes in White Flint Implementation Guidelines

As mentioned in the last few posts, the White Flint Sector Plan requires the Planning Board to adopt implementation guidelines to cover both transportation and planning processes changes necessitated by the new features of the Plan. Some of these include the new Comprehensive Local Area Transportation Review (CLATR), which substitutes for earlier “how fast do cars move through intersections” tests, and the new “sketch plan” process, which provides for public input at earlier stages than the prior site plan-only process. The Montgomery County Planning Board has been reviewing and discussing these Implementation Guidelines for several weeks, and has another review session scheduled for next Thursday. The White Flint Implementation Committee will also discuss the Implementation Guidelines at its meeting next Monday night at the Montgomery Aquatic Center.

The Planning staff has now prepared some recommendations for changes in the draft Implementation Guidelines. Most of the changes are conforming to comments from participants, including the White Flint Implementation Committee’s Natalie Goldberg, who has suggested corrections to the “mode share” (use of public transit) requirements.

The staff memo can be found here: mmo_to_MCPB_re_White_Flint_Transportation_Approval_Mechanism SOURCE: Friends of White Flint

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