May 21, 2010

Fire fighters and public anger

The immediate future doesn't look bright for firefighters across the nation. Yesterday afternoon several cities and counties, including Montgomery County, Maryland, announced they were going to take measures to reduce their budgets by eliminating firefighter positions or using unpaid furloughs. One of the issues is how public service workers are being perceived. Many people seem to be upset over pensions and what some call a sense of entitlement by government workers, including public safety. Public safety is a far cry from workers in government who never place their lives on the line. Yet, to the dismay of firefighters, some in the public are angry at all who work for government.

One item passed around from The American Thinker states:

Public "servants" are a different problem. They live in their own insulated world, divorced from the realities of markets. For too many years they have only seen their numbers expand and salaries increase. To believe that either group will accept what's coming graciously is the height of naiveté.

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Anonymous said...

If we're going to be honest, firefighters spend 99% of their day standing around and unpacking/repacking equipment. They don't have six+ years of college ($70,000-$100,000 of their own money spend to get their jobs like some others in the county). They get paid well considering the risk for the modern firefighter is quite low now. What's all this crying about? Yes, teachers don't save lives, that's true, instead, they teach your children. How many life threatening fires occur in MC each year anyway? Building codes require sprinklers and alarms, seems like the majority of fires are relatively minor. Yet, your kids need taught every day. Go play some more pool and roll some more hoses, earn that gut you have.