May 20, 2010

MCEA's Doug Prouty on WAMU; Vovak asks him question about partisanship

Daniel "The Whig Man" Vovak asked MCEA President Doug Prouty a question about partisanship during his interview on WAMU. Vovak's question (in the second clip at 2:00), addressed the fact that every elected person living in Montgomery County is a Democrat. Prouty's interview is extensive and great to listen to.

"I hope the 'Apple Ballot' will be fair with its endorsements for Montgomery County candidates," said Vovak. "My concern, though, is why would a teacher's union endorse any candidate whom it is suing? The monopoly of Democrats in our county needs to end and the unions need to remember what promises these elected officials made to them and deduce if the people they will endorse in 2010 are honest or not. Unions are non-partisan, and I want to see that tradition continue in the endorsement process.

Vovak is on this clip at 2:00:

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