June 25, 2010

Annual fees at dog parks??

I had an email from a reader, Eric Sutton who has highlighted the question of where local dog park fees will go. He says it better than I can. See below.

It looks like the county will be charging a yearly fee for all dog parks in the county. The Advisory board for the Wheaton dog park, Friends of the Wheaton Dog park, are concerned that the monies will go into the general fund and not back into maintenance of the dog parks. The Wheaton dog park was the first built in 2003. It has been worn down from over use due to it being the only park available down county. The opening of the Cabin John dog park has taken a little of the strain off of Wheaton but has left us with a dire need to resurface the old worn and dusty blue stone surface, along with the need of drainage work, year round water access, and a much need appearance upgrade. The board is holding a meeting at the dog park Saturday, June 26th at 11AM. We encourage the community and users of the park to come out and voice there concerns regarding targeted user fees and where our money will go.

There you go folks, this Saturday you can make your voice heard. SOURCE: What's Up Wheaton

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