July 20, 2010

Tony Puca Runs for District 39 House of Delegate seat

“When a candidate asks for your vote, ask them what they have done to earn it, and then what they will do with it when elected.” Tony has a record of success working for the people of this county and state that is almost unmatched, and will continue this work in Annapolis now when it is needed more than ever. It is for this reason that Tony is running for this seat.

His record of accomplishment beginning with his defeat of he Banking Deregulation bill in the 1982 Annapolis session has saved the people of this state billions of dollars and extending to his fund raising for needed county causes and his work with the disabled when viewed by any voter or observer shows significant accomplishment. When Tony turned 62 he gave thought to retirement to Florida or to his summer home in Ocean View, DE or traveling and writing and definitely spending more time with his children he realized what gave him the most pleasure was helping others and he decided there was nothing better than seeing if he could accomplish more being in elected office than he did without being in elected office and decided the only way he would know would be by being in office.

Tony has lost some hard fought and close elections in his life but this is the first time he has ever run for an open seat and not against an entrenched incumbent. When addressing the issues he will say openly that he, like just about every candidate running for office, will say he is for strong education, better roads, more mass transportation, protecting the environment and he will vote for them when the leadership places these bills on the floor for the majority vote they will achieve.

More importantly he will tell you about the four issues he will work on and these are banking reform of all kinds, reform of the insurance industry and revenue growth and fair and proportionate revenue distribution. The American tax payer helped bail out the banking industry with stimulus and zero percent discount rates for them to borrow money and the consumer was rewarded with credit card rate increases hat averaged from 5-10% and a record number of foreclosures though we gave banks money to do loan modifications. The banks were also given greater tax loopholes that allowed them not only to make record profits but not pay taxes on them. Tony promises that his first and main priority in Annapolis will be going after the banking industry and imposing limits on credit card interest rates that tie them to 6% over the discount rate and most importantly my intend to have our state issue a moratorium on all foreclosures and call for meaningful mediation by a state run agency. Tony will say to everyone who says we have federal banks and not state banks that there are ways to get all of the above done and point to his previous success in this field.

We will enclosed a copy of my first flyer to allow you to see all that I have done, will do and what others have said about these accomplishments. We will also include both a personal and political history for your reference. Finally in order to win this race Tony will have to do two mailing and a lit drop at a cost of $15,000 to $20,000 ad that money will be available.

That you and if you would like to speak to Tony himself please feel free to call him at 301-990-6654 or 240-277-0300. You can view his web site at: www.tonypucafordelegate.com

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