September 24, 2010

Doug Rosenfeld runs ad against Ike Leggett

Doug Rosenfeld is a candidate for Montgomery County Executive against Ike Leggett. Rosenfeld was endorsed and thoroughly promoted by current Montgomery County Republican Chairman Mark Uncapher. Promoting Rosenfeld, Uncapher has compared him to President Ronald Reagan. In this "Republican year," Republicans expect to win the county executive seat in Montgomery County!

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Cecil Price said...

We Have had enough of Ike Leggett, ask any Public Service worker and they will all say the same thing, Leggett would not even talk with the Union that represents these employees of Montgomery County. He has lavish expectations for himself while others struggle to get basic essentuals to do their job. Citizens of Montgomery County the time is now for change, we cannot afford another 4 years of his Administration. Lets vote for the BEST candidate to lead our County into a better tomorrow.