September 23, 2010

George Sauer to return home; to be in hospice care

Wilma Sauer just called me with the following information: George Sauer, a member of the Republican Central Committee (District 15) in Montgomery County, will be released to his home today from Suburban Hospital. Sadly, his cancer returned and it is terminal. He will be in hospice care, beginning tonight.


Daniel Vovak said...

Josephine Wang just wrote me the following email: George has been an elected member of the Central Committee for over 26 or more years. We should give him a Life Time Achievement award asap.

jeff brown said...

i agree with josephine-george was always there and very prayers are with george and his family.if you need help,please reach out.

Daniel Vovak said...

UPDATE from Josephine: I have done an award type of handlettering to be given to George E. Sauer for his dedication to the Montgomery County Republican Party. It has been approved by Chairman Mark Uncapher and also a telephone conversation with Stella Green, our Communication Director.
It will be ready for his signature asap.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for giving him a special award. Sadly, he lost his battle with cancer last night, Wednesday, September 29, 2010. George Sauer was a fine man. He was also my Uncle. I will miss his wonderful voice and his intelligent wit.

Debbie Hargreaves

Daniel Vovak said...

For more information, please read the updated entry.