July 28, 2010

Fillipo Leo, the Owner of Marchones Italian Delicatessen speaks about his Legacy to his family.

On this day, in the life of the world, this shop owner was gracious enough to allow me to interview him about the history of his family's business. He speaks with great candor about what Wheaton Maryland was like back in 1955, how his uncle passed the business on to him, and how he beleives current challenges affect the daily operation of his business.

He also speaks about the future of the small family business model in the modern world, and how his sons will have an even tougher time in this current environment., yethe remains hopeful that one of his children will take over when the time comes for him to retire. This is one of those businesses where the customers are not only patronising the establishment, but know the owner and his family on a first-name basis, and really depend upon Marchones for their specialty groceries, and imported delicacies; which can't be found elsewhere without travelling a great distance.

Mr. Leo also shows his tender heart, and sincere beleif that he's got the best job in the world--making people happy every day, and that it's the interaction with his patrons which motivates him to provide the finest Italian Cuisine. Proof that hard work and a little faith can still make something special!

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