July 28, 2010

Montgomery County Daily passes 25,000 hits; 2,000 repeat visitors

BETHESDA, MARYLAND -- Today, Montgomery County Daily will surpass 25,000 total hits since its inception, and has already had over 2,000 repeat users. A daily news site, Montgomery County Daily mostly covers news about Montgomery County, Maryland, though it sometimes uploads stories about the State of Maryland and issues of national interest.

Daniel Vovak, editor of Montgomery County Daily, began the website in February 2010 and has posted 742 stories, ranging from business coverage, weather, sports, politics, deaths, schools, and general interest. Though Vovak is a Republican, he has also befriended a number of local Democrats through the website, posting online about their campaigns, in addition to the political work of a handful of Republicans in the county who have a following.

"It would be helpful to add a part-time reporter, cameraman, and an advertisement salesman," says Vovak. "I believe that Montgomery County Daily is the largest general news interest blog in Montgomery County that does not have a print addition. I am still looking for stories and have accepted a variety of news from a diverse following."

Vovak says his Google listings are rather high, because of his focus on Montgomery County, Maryland.

"We have a local following, which I can tell from the cities listed by IP address," says Vovak. "Every month's stats have double the previous month, which is quite an accomplishment since it has happened five times already. It won't be long before Montgomery County Daily becomes the preferred news source for most residents in the county. By the end of the year, we should be at 100,000 hits, all the while helping people to prosper in Maryland's largest county."

Vovak says he plans to begin a weekly video address about the county and conduct live interviews with notable locals.

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Anonymous said...

Wooooo.... less than 140 hits per day! Wow, Daniel!

And an average of just around 33 readers per story!

You should be really, really proud.