July 31, 2010

Understanding Pepco outage

After hearing on the PEPCO hotline yesterday afternoon that it would be Friday before our power was restored, it was a pleasant surprise when our electricity came back on yesterday around 6pm. How did you survive the power outage? Are you still waiting for PEPCO to restore yours? I got out for a bike ride last night while my house was cooling down for the night. I saw a higher-than-average number of people out enjoying the nice weather, especially in Sligo Creek Park. Personally, I didn't mind the power outage, other than the loss of power to our refrigerator, which was a bummer. The PEPCO outage map is showing just over 1000 Wheaton residents without power, down from over 7000 yesterday when I checked.

In other news and notes, I saw an article today about the new library that has opened in Shaw. I think this is an example of the sort of community hub that we could have had with a new library in Wheaton's downtown. Regardless of your opinion on what Wheaton should have, I think you can agree that the residents of Shaw are getting a beautiful addition to their neighborhood.

The Gazette had a few Wheaton-related postings today. A local developer, B.F. Saul, was awarded a contract by the county to redevelop the 12 acres of land around the metro. I work in the architectural field and I have never heard of this developer before. I checked out their website, and all I can say is...barf. And apparently all they can say is, "We love to build large boring buildlings without any distinguishing characteristics. Yay. Go us." They better get one hell of an architect to work with them on this, because I don't see anything in their portfolio of work that would indicate they can pull off a major redevelopment effort in Wheaton.SOURCE: Wheaton Calling

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