July 6, 2010

Metro has less cars in service, possibly due to baby stroller incident

WASHINGTON - Tuesday morning marked the first rush hour since Metro pulled 100 of its 4,000-series cars out of service, perhaps making things a bit more crowded. Between 60 and 70 4,000-series cars are used on a typical weekday, Metro says. The transit agency warned the cars' removal could impact the rush hours "somewhat", but hopes the shortened workweek will alleviate some of congestion. The transit agency detected problems with the cars' doors and pulled them out of service Friday night. Testing revealed the doors could open while the cars are in motion. [In spite of an incident days earlier when a baby stroller was caught in a door], Metro claims there was no specific incident tied to the cars' removal. Cars will be returned to service as they are repaired. It will take two to three weeks to complete repairs. SOURCE: WJLA

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