August 17, 2010

Kagan out-raises long-time incumbent

(Rockville MD, August 17, 2010)—Continuing her record of broad and deep financial support, District 17 State Senate candidate Cheryl Kagan today released a report showing a 3:2 fundraising edge over her incumbent opponent, an advantage built on small donations from individual donors. Kagan’s receipts (excluding in-kind receipts) totaled $37,259 this filing period (January 14 - August 10), while her opponent, 32-year incumbent Jennie Forehand, raised fully one-third less ($23,944.35). Like last year, Kagan received roughly three times as many donations as Forehand.

“As pleased as I am by the total amount donated to my campaign, I am even more proud that it came from my friends and neighbors,” said Kagan, whose district encompasses Rockville, Gaithersburg and Garrett Park. “Returning government to the people is one of the themes of my campaign, and the best place to start is by taking the influence of big money out of politics.”

The average contribution to Kagan’s campaign was $85.26, reflecting her reliance on individual supporters (97.3% of all contributions) over large corporations and PAC’s. (By comparison, Forehand relied on larger donors with an average gift of $153.49.) Two-thirds of Kagan’s contributions have come from Montgomery County, and three-fourths have come from Maryland.

Kagan kicked off her campaign last year with a voluntary “Clean Seventeen” pledge: the maximum donation she accepts is one-half the legal limit. She has returned money that exceeded this self-imposed cap. She has called on all candidates in District 17 to take the pledge, but so far none have joined Kagan in this attempt to lessen the influence of special interests in the political process.

Over the entire campaign cycle, Kagan’s campaign has received an impressive 1,062 donations. Current cash-on-hand as of this report was $96,996.44.

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