August 16, 2010

Vovak interviews on Channel 16; pushes for Purple Line

BETHESDA, MARYLAND -- Daniel Vovak, a candidate for Montgomery County Executive has released a video of his interview on Channel 16, conducted by Steve Barrios, a long-time volunteer host of Municipal Notebook. Barrios emphasized that Vovak is a Republican who will "work with Democrats," and "not against them."

During the 28-minute interview, Vovak was interviewed on a array of topics, including Vovak's inclusion on The Washington Post's list of Power Players, which includes President Obama, President Reagan, and Sarah Palin. Vovak was also asked for his opinion on the Purple Line, Governor Martin O'Malley, former Governor Bob Ehrlich, and Democrats' literal monopoly in Montgomery County.

Vovak said he will govern like former Congressman Connie Morella or former Councilman Howie Denis. Naturally, he was also asked about current County Executive Ike Leggett and his abuse of Montgomery County's budget by hiring four bodyguards, funding a personal toilet for $65,000, and seeking to remove local port-a-poties. Then, Ike Leggett raised taxes and sought furloughs for thousands of county workers. Moreover, Leggett's push for furloughs created a near-lawsuit by the Montgomery County Public Schools against the county.

Vovak stated that he supports the Purple Line and will resist former Governor Bob Ehrlich's attempt to kill the Purple Line, saying Vovak will resist him "every step of the way." Barrios also emphasized that Vovak has made jobs the "centerpiece of his campaign," with Vovak's initiative to bring satellite international companies to Montgomery County.

In addition, Vovak stated his support for international funds for the Purple Line, his support for the legalization of marijuana (though Vovak stated he has never been a user), and his disdain for Leggett's new cell phone and electricity taxes. Vovak also stated that he is against Maryland's "ugly" new license plate, "glamorizing war." The interview establishes Vovak as a viable candidate against Ike Leggett and opens the door for future debates against Leggett, following Montgomery County's one billion dollar deficit. It should be noted that Leggett has served on county council (and in the office of county executive) longer than anyone else elected in county government. Vovak's website is

BELOW TOPICS: Vovak's nickname; Balance needed on Council; Annapolis keeps too much money; Connie Morella; Billion dollar deficit; Mike Knapp as CAO; Furloughs were absurd.

BELOW TOPICS: New electric fees; New cell phone tax; Marijuana legalization; More teachers needed; Montgomery County Public Schools offer international education; Too many school administrators; School lawsuit against county government; Independents needed; President's Obama's call for government transparency.

BELOW TOPICS: Vovak supports Purple Line; Vovak will resist former Governor Ehrlich regarding Purple Line and agrees with Governor Martin O'Malley; International funding for Purple Line; America needs to move towards trains and away from oil; Metro escalator breakdowns; Montgomery County needs to get its financial share from Annapolis; Voter anger.

BELOW TOPICS: Jobs are center of Vovak's campaign; Economic development needed; Satellite business offices wanted in Montgomery County; Hollywood and AFI; Maryland's ugly license plate; Vovak is anti-war; Washington Post named Vovak as a "Power Play" along with Reagan and Obama; Sarah Palin is a model not a presidential candidate.

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