August 20, 2010

Vovak releases 'winning' yard sign for Montgomery County Executive race

Daniel Vovak, a candidate for Montgomery County Executive, has released his yard sign for the election. Vovak, of Bethesda, has fashioned his campaign using the winning tactics of Connie Morella, who was elected in liberal Montgomery County for 16 years as a Republican congressman. Furthering that point, Steve Barrios, a volunteer host of Channel 16's Municipal Notebook has said that Vovak is a "Republican who believes in working with Democrats, rather than against them."

Regarding his yard sign, Vovak said, "I like the colors Governor O'Malley used in his yard sign and am confident people will have my winning sign in their yards next to O'Malley's signs. Now Ehrlich's supporters will also be 'going green' in Montgomery County! I remember when Nancy Pelosi was first made speaker of the House, Republicans and Democrats both applauded her enthusiastically, though for different reasons. Similarly, both Democrats and Republicans will put my sign in their yards to unite around the issue that we need a young county executive to bring new jobs to Montgomery County and build the Purple Line."

True to his commitment to work with Democrats, Vovak has stated he will appoint Democrat Mike Knapp (Upcounty) to the position of Chief Administrator Officer, the county government's top-paid job. Soon he plans to also release a renovation of his website: To order a yard sign, email Vovak at

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Anonymous said...

Why the hell would any self-respecting Republican (Remember the Republicans, Mr. Vovak - that's the party that you've claimed to be a part of since 2004, the one you rain for state chairmanship of less than a year ago), put this abomination of a sign in their yard?