August 18, 2010

Montgomery County Agricultural Fair

The fair is in town! Well, Gaithersburg but it is our county fair and a quick show up 270 to get there. It opened Saturday afternoon and remains open to the end of next Saturday. The fair is close to central Gaithersburg and is just off of Diamond Road at Route 355. Parking is available at the fairgrounds, but there is also free parking at Lakeforest Mall with free shuttle service to and from the fair. The fair opens at 10am and is open until midnight with an entrance fee of ten dollars for adults and children under 11 are admitted free.

It is pretty sizable once you enter the fair. At one end, you have arts and crafts with a few shops. In the middle, you have several animal barns containing cute rabbits, cows and llamas among others. At the far end is the carnival and umpteen rides that are designed to make you spin around as much as possible while kids scream with glee all around you. The rides are not free, most operate on a ticket system. Tickets are a dollar each, with the best deal being 24 tickets for 20 dollars. Most rides require 3 tickets per person, though a couple clock in at five tickets.

There is also a small arena. Each night, the fair hosts events such as tractor pulling and monster trucks. Next Friday and Saturday there will be a demolition derby. These events cost approximately 12 dollars to attend. There are plenty of ATMs and food options. I had my first ever fried Oreo yesterday. Only in America would someone take a cookie and fry it. We bought 6 for 5 dollars and they actually tasted pretty good. I am told its typical fair food for Americans. There are also umpteen other carnival foods available (think cotton candy, Italian ice, gyros, chicken, nachos). SOURCE: What's Up Wheaton

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