November 29, 2010

County considers allowing Magnet program bus fees

The Montgomery County Senate and House delegations are currently reviewing a bill that would repeal a Maryland law that prohibits MCPS from charging transportation fees for students who do not attend their home schools. Maryland Senator Richard S. Madaleno (D-Dist. 18) of Kensington proposed the bill. According to MadalenoĆ­s Chief of Staff Adam Fogel, the proposed bill does not define the amount of money that school systems would charge students. Additionally, the bill does not actually establish a fee for bus service or encourage the Board of Education to enact a fee for bus service.

Montgomery County is the only county in the state excluded from charging a fee for magnet program transportation, according to Fogel. Funds from bus fees would provide the Board of Education (BOE) with additional flexibility as the Board deals with the budget gap. These extra funds would also most likely prevent future cuts to various student services, Fogel explained. A public hearing will be held in Rockville on Dec. 6 to hear testimony on this bill. In order for the bill to pass, it must go through the Senate and House Montgomery County Delegation. It will then pass through the full General Assembly for further deliberation by Land Use and Transportation subcommittees. SOURCE: Silver Chips

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Anonymous said...

Why is the county singling out Magnet kids? Why not the troubled kids, like the ones who throw chairs at teachers, or those with ADD.

Why the smart kids?

MBHS MATH - SCI Magnet 1992