December 3, 2010

Wheaton’s new tallest building

Wheaton has the potential to be a pedestrian downtown as good as Silver Spring or Bethesda, but for years redevelopment there has been slow to catch on. That may no longer be the case, thanks to what could be a game-changing new development there. Montgomery County recently approved plans for a 17-story mixed-use building at the corner of Georgia Ave and Reedie Drive on the site of an existing Safeway grocery store, directly across the street from Wheaton Metro. The plan calls for a new, larger Safeway to occupy the ground floor of a 486-unit, 195-foot-tall apartment building. It will be almost twice as tall as any existing building in Wheaton, and will be the most notable Transit Oriented Development in Wheaton’s history. More information is available via the site plan approval (pdf). SOURCE: Beyond DC

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