December 2, 2010

GardPost® Awarded New Technology Records Storage Patent

(WASHINGTON, D.C.), November 23, 2010 – Bethesda-based GardPost, LLC has developed a kiosk service that enables consumers to create digital backups of important forms of identification and other vital records, for which US Patent #7,774,254 has been awarded. This user friendly self service kiosk incorporates leading edge technologies, including biometric identification controls and encrypted electronic storage offsite.

“Losing official identification documents can significantly complicate the process of restoring one’s identity, particularly in the wake of a natural or manmade disaster. Officially replacing these items is the first step in rebuilding, but without photo or digital copies it can be very difficult,” said CEO, Alec Zulf. “The GardPost® system fixes this problem by ensuring that backup copies of important records are available, stored securely offsite and accessible 24/7 via the Internet.” GardPost, LLC developed the system after its research found that having electronic facsimiles of identification and other vital documents can dramatically reduce the time it takes to get official replacements issued.

The system is designed to assist with identity restoration by ensuring that the scanned materials will be available for download 24/7 via Internet-enabled computers or smart phones, such as iPhone or BlackBerry. The GardPost® kiosk features a privacy screen and an easy-to-use flatbed scanner. Within minutes, a user can create an account, scan various forms of identification, and upload the documents to the company’s network of secure servers.

In addition to serving consumers, the GardPost® system represents a strategic opportunity for certain industries, such as financial services and banking that operate under highly regulated marketplaces to find value-added ways to differentiate service offerings from those of competitors. Completely scalable from one kiosk at a single location, to many thousands across an enterprise, the GardPost® network can become an exclusive competitive edge that succeeds by providing consumers with a much needed service.

GardPost, LLC seeks strategic alliances within particular industries, including financial services, banking, retail, and technology. For more information, contact Alec Zulf at 877-714-GARD or email at 7272 Wisconsin Avenue Suite 300. Bethesda, Maryland 20814. 877-714-GARD (4273).

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