April 6, 2011

CVS Pharmacy to arrive at Downtown Silver Spring

CVS Pharmacy will come to Downtown Silver Spring on the corner of Wayne Avenue and Fenton Street in October 2011. Local shops including Art Spring, IMPACT Silver Spring and a dry cleaner will relocate before construction begins later this month.

According to CVS Public Relations Director Mike DeAngelis, the location is desirable due to its convenient placement. The Silver Spring location will be 7,800 square feet and will contain a full service pharmacy, health and beauty products, general merchandise, food and a digital photo lab.

One of the tenants that will have to move out will be Art Spring, a division of Pyramid Atlantic, which serves as a space for local artists to sell their artwork. According to co-owner and manager Linda Blackbourn, Art Spring has had to change locations five times since their opening two years ago. Despite the numerous moves, Blackbourn is nevertheless satisfied to remain in the Downtown Silver Spring area. "I really think that it's the price we pay for having such a wonderful location," Blackbourn said.

Art Spring will be moving above Potbelly Sandwich Shop in the Ellsworth Plaza, where the Ceviche Tapas Bar and Restaurant was previously located. Blackbourn is excited with the new location and hopes to maintain a kiosk on the street level for events such as the weekly Farmer's Market. "We are really thankful to be in the Downtown Silver Spring development and by having us there they are supporting the arts," Blackbourn said. "We are grateful to have any spot we can get." SOURCE: Silver Chips

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