April 7, 2011

GGCC & 5th District Commander recognize Officer

Gaithersburg, MD (April 7, 2011) – Police Officer Michael J. Phillips was presented with the “Germantown District Commander’s Recognition Award” and “Commander’s Coin” yesterday for his dedication and service as a Montgomery County Police Officer.

“Officer Phillips has served the police department for seven years, but his experience and commitment far exceed others with his years on the job,” said Commander Luther Reynolds, Germantown 5th District Station. “For all his efforts and continued willingness to share his wealth of tactical experiences, I am pleased to thank Mike for his contributions to making our community a better place to live and our officers safer through better training and tactics”.

Officer Phillips is a member of the Germantown Special Assignment Team and of the Decentralized SWAT team. In addition to his regular police duties, Officer Phillips is currently teaching a two hour tactical block for all Department Sergeants and Team Leaders.

“Mike is a good teacher and his sharing of this important expertise continues to make us a more confident, professional and safer workforce as we face ongoing challenges in the days ahead,” Reynolds said.

For his commitment, Officer Phillips received a gold Commander’s coin, a Commander’s Recognition plaque and will have his name added to the Chamber Recognition plaque that is displayed in the squad room of the 5th District Headquarters.

“Today was another outstanding example of the strong support we experience in our district, in particular from the Chamber of Commerce. Your help is appreciated and has a great impact on our troops,” Reynolds said. “Recognition of their efforts and saying thanks for the difference and impact they are making means a great deal to them. For those who made it today, thank you for taking the time to be there and for all of you, thank you for all your support throughout the year!! We are headed in the right direction and it is a great feeling knowing that we have your support.”

According to Reynolds, Officer Phillips is a retired Navy Officer with “extensive expertise in weapons and tactics”. Phillips shares his experience and offers specialized training to other members of this agency “which they would never have had the opportunity to get in any other venue”.

“Being safe in our home and in our community is a fundamental aspect of quality of life here in Montgomery County. The work that the police officers do every day makes it safe for residence and businesses to thrive and we are very thankful that they do such a great job,” stated GGCC President Marilyn Balcombe.

For more information on the Gaithersburg-Germantown Chamber please visit the GGCC website at www.ggchamber.org.

PICTURE: (l:r) Commander Luther Reynolds is presented with the GGCC 5th District Police Officer Recognition Plaque by Executive Director Marilyn Balcombe and Board Chair Doug Wrenn

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