April 5, 2011

Montgomery County Agencies Address Latino Youth Social Disparities

April 05, 2011 - Today, Montgomery County agencies begin to figure out how to implement an ambitious plan that seeks to address many of the social disparities faced by Latino youth like 16-years-old Marvin Navarro who got kicked out of high school while back.

"I let myself get controlled by all of the gang stuff," Navarro says.

But he got a second chance through a community based program run by an organization called Identity.

"First, after I get my GED I'm going to go to college. I’m going to study to be an automotive technician, then I’m going to work on cars and open my own business,” he says.

Navarro‘s case is not unique. Latino young people have the highest rate of high school dropouts and teen pregnancies in Montgomery County, and surveys indicate the youngsters feel they have little support from their families or community. County Executive Ike Legget has tasked county agencies with providing more culturally competent help for Latinos. SOURCE: WAMU

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