April 9, 2011

O’Malley blames GOP ‘hate’ for approaching federal shutdown

Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley (D) on Friday afternoon blamed Republican “hate of government” for the approaching federal government shutdown. O’Malley’s statement came as some ramifications of a shutdown in Maryland started to emerge, including an announcement by the Maryland National Guard that it would postpone some planned weekend unit training, regardless of whether Congress reaches a deal by midnight Friday.

O’Malley, who is playing a bigger role on the national stage these days as chairman of the Democratic Governors Association, said a federal shutdown will hurt Maryland’s economy. He accused Republicans in Congress of caring “more about hurting our government than they do about helping our recovery.”

Statement of Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley (D)

“Congressional Republicans are allowing their hate of government to hurt the hardworking families of our country. It appears they care more about hurting our government than they do about helping our recovery.

“Maryland is home to thousands of federal civil servants – moms and dads who will go without pay because Speaker Boehner and the Republicans have chosen to wage an ideological war instead of putting the interests of their nation first.

“Maryland faces the prospect of reduced state income tax revenue should federal workers experience a furlough without retroactive pay. In addition, state revenue losses are anticipated from the furloughing of federal contractors working in the State. Further impeding our economic recovery would be the loss of projected revenues from reduced spending on taxable goods.” SOURCE: Washington Post

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