May 7, 2010

Ghostwriter Bovard sues Barr campaign

Since the end of former US Representative Bob Barr’s 2008 presidential run on the Libertarian Party ballot line, his campaign committee has listed various outstanding debts on its reports to the Federal Election Commission (see schedule D of the campaign’s Q1 2010 report for details). Among those debts: $47,000 to libertarian writer James Bovard, described as an “authoring fee.” This morning Bovard announced, via his blog, that he’s taking the Barr campaign to court for the money.

Bovard contracted with the campaign to ghost write Barr’s campaign book, Lessons in Liberty. The book was completed, published and put on the market, but appears to be out of print. As of today Amazon.Com lists only one used copy for sale. Bovard alleges that his agreement with the campaign called for payment in full prior to the book’s publication, but that he has thus far received only $30,000 of $77,000 owed. Bovard’s announcement includes the text of a complaint to the Circuit Court for Montgomery County, Maryland. The court clerk’s office verified by phone that the complaint has, in fact, been filed. SOURCE: Independent Political report

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