May 3, 2010

Silver Spring school leaving, could become 75 homes

With most of their students coming from outside Montgomery, the Chelsea School will leave Downtown Silver Spring in 2012 and has sold their property on Pershing Drive to a local developer hoping to build up to 75 new townhomes there. The Chelsea School's five-acre campus in Downtown Silver Spring at Ellsworth Drive and Cedar Street. Image from Bing Maps. Representatives from the private, special-needs school met with neighbors at a meeting of the adjacent Seven Oaks-Evanswood Civic Association last week, according to minutes provided to us by the organization's secretary. The Chelsea School explained that all but one of their ninety students commutes from Prince George's County or the District of Columbia, whose school districts pay for their education there.

Just two years ago, the school launched a massive capital campaign to build a library designed by starchitect Daniel Libeskind, but the economic downturn has forced them to close entirely. Instead, they'll teach from within public schools closer to where their students live. As a result, the Chelsea School sold their five-acre campus near Pershing Drive and Cedar Street to Bethesda-based EYA. The developer's reputation for quality urban redevelopment projects in Silver Spring and throughout greater Washington was a factor in the school's decision to sell to them. SOURCE: Greater Greater Washington

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